"Thin" CDs

I posted on another thread that our CD3.5 (in Sue’s system) had started to “Err” on certain CDs. My system’s CDX plays them just fine. A new clamp was procured. and tweezers judiciously applied to the rubber rings of other clamps, but all to no avail. As I mostly stream these days, the CDPs were swapped to let Sue play her CDs, and allowing me to play around with the 3.5.

Somebody posted that this was probably because the 3.5 was on its way out (fair enough but nonetheless sad), but OTOH it may be because some CDs are “too thin”, and suggested putting small pieces of sticky tape around the spindle hole to “thicken up” that section where the clamp contacts.

I gave that a try, and buqqer me, it seems to work on the three CDs that I tried - no “Err”.

I was wondering if anyone had come across sticky rings of the right size to stick on troublesome CDs. I accept that this may just be prolonging the inevitable demise of the 3.5, but what the heck.

I resorted to tape too on those few that were a bit thin, a disc cut by hand from some wide stuff, no idea if it will damage the disc in time but I’ve ripped them all anyway so it’s not really that important. I’ve not played a CD in ages now.

I’ve also used tape on ‘thin’ CD’s for use in my CD3.5 New pucks do not help much. A few CD’s were treated this way about 20 or more years ago. The tape is holding out just fine. The CD’s are just fine too. Still playing them regularly in the CD3.5 and CDS2.

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I can relate and have a serviced 3.5. Quite a few of my old CD’s with tape. I didn’t read about it before trying, so put 3 thin pieces of masking tape at third points (to connect with the 3 puch rubbers, plus keep some symmetry for spinning). Still working fine after a few decades, although mostly streaming these days.

Try Googling ‘cd repair rings’. They seem to be a thing!

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I found adding some thin strips of Blu Tack to the puck for my CDI always works and doesn’t seem to effect the sound.

I suppose Wrigely’s might do the same job.

An easier option (if just a few CD’s) might be to rip them with a PC and then copy them onto blank CD’s of normal thickness.
I would not fancy putting CD’s, with bits of tape stuck to them, into an expensive CD player.

I’ve been using thin strips of masking tape on discs that aren’t up to my CDX2’s high standards and it’s rendered every one perfectly playable.

Apart from looking a bit ugly, it’s never caused the slightest problem.


Though they all seem to be from one guy in the States.

The sticky tape seems to have worked on the three I tried, so post Xmas I’ll swap the 3.5 back into my wife’s system and get her to try them out.

Sorry. Guilty of assuming some of the hits would be UK.

I seem to remember inkjet CD labels (sometimes) having a separate inner ring, which is what I was initially looking to see if they were still available. I could be imagining it. It was probably ten years ago.

I vaguely remember discussing this before. I think when I had my CD3 I used a thin disc of paper with a hole (like a big washer) under the CD rather than tape on the CD itself. Tape is probably better if it’s only a few discs. If it’s most of them then the disc is easier depending on how many CDs you have.

Well remembered!

Brown/yellow box, came with a black plastic jig for sticking the labels onto the disc. “Fellowes Neato Mediaface”, IIRC. And I think you are right about them having an inner ring.

I used to have some. If I can find the box it will have some sheets with the small rings.

Probably in the loft, in “SW’s Computer Corner”, next to to “SW’s Naim Packaging Corner”. :slight_smile: .

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When this was discussed in the distant past there was some thought about whether having paper underneath was better as it preserved the interface between the puck and the CD. Although it’s probably one of those things where some people swear they can hear a huge difference and others are less concerned.

I would have thought that that would make the CD sit higher on the spindle, and possibly de-focus the laser?

Sounds plausible. Although I have no idea how the laser mech actually works and if the focus can change for example.

My thoughts too. I’m a bit confused (easy with me) just how this could work :confused:

If the CD is too thin as suggested then I guess you are just restoring the surface of the CD to the correct position.

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While my 3.5 shows ERROR with thin CDs I press PLAY once or even twice and the machine finds its footing in most cases.

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