Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

Oh what a shame :flushed: that so many posts are now ex- posts.

I planted 125 bulbs , Golden Garlic and Fritillaries , all in a raised bed so NO bending down to photographic them . Just in time as both have a plant by December date .

Next stop , plant some bowls of primroses for Mum’s grave and her friend


Oh,Oh! I have won an award and that is only for books read on the Kindle.

Paper books not counted. So I have put myself in a higher stream.

A decent set of legs and younger body would gladly see me in the bottom 5%.

No medals or prizes or reduced prices for Kindle books.


Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Emsworth anymore.


It is rather as there was a lot of useful and supportive information there.

Unfortunately it probably all stemmed from an innocent question on my behalf and a response from a fairly new forum member which was rather contentious with subsequent deterioration and personal comments.

I’d hoped that content had been diverted to a separate thread which could have survived or floundered on its own merits or faults, but there we go.

No idea if there’s still any possibility of a ‘clock reset’ and paring the older thread back to before those posts simply for the amount of time and effort many have expended in responding there in the past?

Equally if people can’t respond to each other with a bit of civility and latitude when there are clear language barriers I’m not quite sure what to say.

Indeed, and unfortunately it does seem to happen fairly often.


That ship has sailed unfortunately. If everyone sticks to posting about what they have done in the last 24 hours rather than banging their personal drum and spouting conspiracy theories then I’m sure all will be well.


I’ve repaired my smeg fridge. The hinge was broken and I got a replacement. I was shocked by the dirt under and behind the fridge. Cleaned it with chlorine.

And cat toys?

OK, so cats have got short(ish) legs. And fridges are quite deep, front-to-back. So why do all the cat toys end up at the back of the fridge?

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It’s because all the mice that have been caught and brought in by the cats end up under the fridge as it’s safe there and they take the cat toys to the back as a small revenge.


My router broke down going to the speed of dial up, my land line went “crackly” and I discovered that I had been with Talk Talk for the last six months .
Decided it was time to embrace the 21st Century and put an order in for Gigaclear

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A good day today. A wander down the road to the Chateau de Chantilly in the morning,

the obligatory afternoon nap, and then a great result from Pompey that puts them in a good position

Then to finish the day a delicious dinner at O Bistrot Chic. A slightly odd name but a lovely dinner.

My daughter rescued two kittens yesterday and they are now living in my garage. Apparently I have to get permission to get my car in / out :person_facepalming:t2: She explained this morning because they were in a place where they had two cats and didn’t want kittens. I said we had two cats and I didn’t want kittens. My daughter seemed unimpressed with this :roll_eyes: Have turned the heater off that she left on in the outside room heating the entire world …

Edited to add they are supposed to be farm cats to catch vermin and live outdoors. Need a couple of weeks inside before they are put out. 12 weeks old. One tabby and one black. Pippa out black cat died last month and we were going to get a rescue kitten but been pre empted


We saw this today, La Madone de la Maison d’Orléans by Raphael, painted in 1506-7. It’s only about 35cm high and amazingly beautiful.


It’s amazing that we sometimes think these masterpieces are bigger than they actually are. I remember impatiently racing to see a a Picasso in Paris (Woman on the Beach I think) expecting to see something a hell of a lot bigger than it was.


Some time back i volunteered for the Ascend Plus Nhs study to try and reduce heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events using Semaglutide. We get 1 month supply at 3 mg, 7 mg for the following month to assess side effects. If OK we get randomised between Semaglutide and a placebo for 5 years. Tablets just turned up in the post🤞🏽

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Made some infused syrups for christmas cocktails… orange, thyme, rosemary and plain ‘simple’…

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I saw the Beheading Of St John by Caravaggio in Malta a few years ago , amazing painting - approx 3.5 x 5 metres

When I saw it in the 1960s it was tired and I couldn’t understand what the fuss was , it was just a big old grimy painting , with years of candle smoke and now it is restored to it’s full magnificence

This photo looks like the old grimy version

It is superb , but Baby Jesus looks very grumpy

A trip through the main gallery in Madrid is an eye opener more death and destruction than an episode of Game of Thrones.

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He does, and I think that’s part of what makes it so special. We’ve all seen wriggly babies whose faces are saying ‘I don’t want to be held any longer’. So many Madonna and Child pictures make the Christ Child look like an old man, but this doesn’t.

The gallery at Chateau de Chantilly isn’t huge but has some wonderful paintings. They are all jumbled together and you can get really close - the Raphael was only a couple of feet away.

We also saw this lovely Clouet; Mrs HH was convinced that the dog was a monkey, and while we were discussing it two French people stopped and joined in too. Mrs HH was still not convinced so I asked a curator - chien ou singe? Chien.

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