Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

I had a busy day yesterday, putting the Christmas tree up, writing cards and doing housework. In the evening we went to our next door neighbour’s house and had a lovely three course meal that she’d cooked. We had a little too much wine, but at least we only had a few yards to stagger home.


Did a 2km swim… :man_swimming:

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That took you 24hrs?


Felt like it! 50 minute swim and 23 hours 10 minutes recovering…! :wink:


Dec’d the house budgie… oh the indignity :joy:

Like somebody else who posted, had to ‘repair’ my ageing lap-top running W10 post yet another ‘Update’ which removed many of my tile 'links, including that to this place. It now appears that the lap-top can run on ‘apps’, which I need to revisit as when you load & use, they don’t show the header address, which is something I like to check on just in case of a 'site redirection (call me paranoid!).

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What happened to the rest of the posts in the thread?

I was looking for the old thread – I assume it was quarantined by Richard?

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When the thread was removed for attention, I asked Richard if it would return. He explained that the old thread had been orphaned ie did not have an owner, as the thread starter was no longer a member of the Forum, so on balance it was best to start a new one. The old one is gone and won’t return.

Now, let’s hear what everyone has been up to.


Much time spent yesterday trying to un-pick the basis and impact of a sharply revised ‘Notice of Coding’ change from HMRC, which bites immediately. Next week will provide the answer – all I can say is, I hope the PAYE system works as I think it does (i.e. works month on month only), or I am going to have much supressed income over the next few months given the amounts coded-out. For many in the UK who have seen their ‘other incomes’ from savings grow (>ISA) over recent times, they could be in for a shock when HMRC ask for the tax in the manner they now do.

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We must avoid that happening again!

A variation of the lyrics of a song from the Sound of Musics comes to mind …… So long, farewell ……. Quite sad that it’s all lost actually.


It is a bit odd. I am sure Richard could have found a new owner of the thread if he thought it necessary.

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It does if the revised code is shown as “Month 1” but otherwise it is cumulative. The new code will normally seek to recover the right amount of tax in the current tax year one way or another.

A further complication, depending on how your payroll works, is that the end of December payment may not reflect the new tax code because of the date at which the details are frozen for the payroll run.

Went to - post office, vets, Ikea, John Lewis, all quick and straightforward. On the way back stopped at the shopping centre, all ok.
Walking back to the car, witnessed an impatient driver attempt a right turn against oncoming traffic with obvious consequences. Turned the opposite way from the scene only to discover roadworks and another collision, it took an hour to do the last mile.

@Richard.Dane Seasons Greeting. Is there any hope of peace and goodwill to all men?


Spent the last two days dismantling our two main mountain bikes. Disassembled all the bearings, degreased, checked, cleaned and re-greased them all. Rebuilt the bikes. Also re-charged the tyres with sealant, burped the brakes, fitted new gear cables and indexed the gears. All ready for an up-coming trip.

One of the free hubs dismantled and ready for a clean and re-grease. Bearings were fine on this one so left them insitu.

The platform doesn’t allow me to do that David.

Let’s hope so Phil.

Is it too early to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year?

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Ah! How odd. Anyway it saves me from volunteering myself and as Nigel has started a new thread, no doubt we will forget about the old one before long.

Just popped to the shops. Must have taken the wrong turning.

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