Thinking of getting a Turntable again

I Googled ‘wall shelf for turntable’ just now, and found about a dozen straight off, some of which would suit me.

Have a look!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I hope that you find one that you like, and which does the job.

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That’s pretty good…because that’s one heavy TT!

Did you get a dust cover for it?

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Depending on the shelf & rack combination, it can be very discreet. I’ve never had leads hanging down the front of the wall, for example, or significant gaps between the TT and the top of the rack.

It scared me so much that the tt is now on a rack :rofl:

I have no aversion to dust so I leave it open to the elements. I do remember a few years back when I took my LP12 for a tune up at audio t Brighton that Julian, the then manager wryly suggested that paint brushes were a good way to dust and LP12. Cheeky bugger🤣

@CDI I have been reading this thread with interest to see what would come back in replies. You have such a top notch system where only a higher end turntable with pristine quality vinyl would do it justice.

Since you’ll start re-experiencing the fun of just playing (any) records, a different avenue might be better suited. It seems a second system with a Nait 50 and an upper level Rega or a Linn turntable is the flavour of the season on the forum for those with higher end systems.

Note that it doesn’t have to be a Nait 50 though, it could also be a Nait 2 or Rega Brio or whatever you fancy. The turntable can also be a mid-level Rega P6 or even be a Technics GR2! (perhaps not sound wise but so much fun to operate mechanically and find the joy of turntabling again). And it could even be just through headphones or Rega Kyte speakers. All popular stuff that’s easy to sell off again when you’ve found that vinyl is to stay and you’d want to move up also in that chain.

Just a thought, hope it helps.

ps: @Ryder35 I do use paint brushes for dusting, the flat ones, is that weird? :wink:

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Well I have a Target Audio wall shelf in the loft if TT going in main system and a Unitiqute 2 (just serviced and new screen) and some Usher bookshelf speakers in the spare dining room - that might be a good option but not sure how to connect TT to UQ just yet

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I don’t know I never dust🤣

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If it was me, I would look :eyes: at a Technics SL1500 , it comes with a built in and well regarded phono stage , a better cartridge certainly but it is plug and play from day one


It really depends on how serious you are about listening to vinyl again. The fact that you have banished your LP’s to the loft and have an all-digital system suggests that you have moved on.

I can’t help wondering if it’s just a bit of a novelty now that you’ve been given a load of LP’s? Also maybe a bit of nostalgia for your vinyl days perhaps?

The point is that to get a turntable to match the ability of your digital source will be very expensive. If you get something less capable, will you really want to spend that much time with it?

I would give it some very careful thought before splashing out. If you just want a bit of fun then setting up a low cost system in a second room may not be a bad idea. You need not spend more than a few hundred pounds and it will give you the vinyl ‘hit’ that you are keen to experience again at the moment.

That way, when the novelty wares off, if it does, you haven’t wasted a fortune.

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Rega P3/P6 with Rega Fono into Unitiqute2 is a well-proven combination for a second system. As mentioned the Technics 1500 has a built-in phono stage. Both would be fun systems.

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There are lots of good suggestions here, and lots of other threads that you could read that may help.

If buying new, the better Regas and Technics vie for the ‘obvious choice’ tag with Vertere DG1 and perhaps Clearaudio. And there are lots of other good TTs that you could consider - Avid, Michell and Well Tempered are all favourites here for a good reason.

If you can tolerate second-hand, you’ll get a lot more SQ for your money but it is harder to audition options (unless a mate will pop round with their turntable - where are you based?).

I got an RP3 from Grahams when they were in the old building, but upgraded to a s/h LP12 once I had heard the difference. I have heard many tables in the nearly 30 years since then without wanting to move away from Linn, but the LP12 I have now is very different from what I bought then.

As others have said, LP12s can be great and addictive for sound, but a key strength is that you can give a good dealer a budget, perhaps hear some alternatives, and have them build you one from mostly s/h bits. It’s a great way to get a high end turntable for mid-range money or a mid-range table for budget money. This is largely an old man’s hobby and you can benefit from that.

Phono stage? An LP12 can take an internal Prefix (good and cheap s/h buy). Stagelines and Lintos are ok too, with whatever TT you pick. However, I was startled by how good the Dynavector P75 mk 4 (not the earlier versions) sounded - great for SQ and for flexibility. It’s not as good as my Superline, but it is surprisingly close.

Like Rega Arias and a few others, that DV can also sometimes be found on eBay or PFM. Naim’s internal MM or MC boards are not terrible either.

FWIW, multiple listeners (several of whom have no TT) agree that a good LP on my far-from-basic LP12 often beats the digital versions on my CDS2 or my NDX2+XPSDR. LPs are, however, still more bother and more variable than other sources.

The fact that you can get a good LP12 for similar cost to (say) a new P8 and then never change a thing, or can upgrade it gradually to a significantly higher performance if you choose, is another plus.

My TT is on an ancient Target wall shelf because the needle bounces otherwise (bouncy floor). However, I have compared how it sounds on the rack, and have heard other people’s LP12s on various shelves and racks.

Even without the bouncing issue, and irrespective of what base you have, I think that an LP12 sounds better if not on a heavy rack - there is a reason for the ‘something LIGHT and rigid’ mantra. On the other hand, others here have made that and other TTs sound good on a good rack.

Good luck!


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