Thinking of getting a Turntable again

It’s been a long time since I posted anything - probably a good sign as have been totally happy with the NDS - 555PSDR - 252 - 250 DR - SupercapDR - Superlumina and Kudos S20 and a 5 level Fraim / Unitiserve

I sold my Rega 3 years ago as it was outclassed by the NDS at the time

I have inherited a large quantity of excellent quality and vintage Vinyl albeit mostly classical and the associated linn Axis TT that came with it is beyond economical repair

So the question is - what would be the most appropriate Turntable to to rekindle the vinyl journey - I also have a loft full of my old vinyl

Will also need another Fraim level and presumably a box to allow connection to the NAC252

Any advice welcome

Don’t think I can justify the level of Turntable / cost to better the NDS - just something to enjoy the experience of vinyl again

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If you liked your Rega, then that seems the obvious place to start. See how far up their lineup your comfortable to go. Like you I’ve had a Rega 3, which I loved. I’ve heard the Planar 10 on a number of occasions and have been impressed. If you decide to look at the Planar 10 then you should also listen to the Vetere DG-1 which is similarly priced. Remember you’ll also need to factor in the costs of a phono stage. Depending of course where you land, you may be surprised on how well it compares with the NDS. I certainly was when I took my old Xerxes 10 out of long term storage (stored due to young family etc.) and it showed my NDS/555 a fairly clean pair of heals… warning though, vinyl is an expensive habit if you get hooked.


P3 for simplicity and it will run with a half decent mc cart ( I prefer mc to mm ). If thinking something a little better I went straight to P8. Similar money would get a pre loved lp12, if you prefer the suspended type and the old school looks.

I suggest that you find a good Linn dealer, and ask if they can put together a decent LP12 from their spare parts bin.

I’m thinking of places such as Grahams in London, Cymbiosis in Rearsby, or your local Audio T store.


Grahams sold me the RP3 when at university in London 1988 !

Not been back since - great idea


They are a helpful bunch.

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How bad is your Axis?! If it really is trashed, fair enough, but have you had it assessed by an experienced Linn dealer? They may have some suggestions, if not to repair it then perhaps at least to cannibalise it for spares. At least that would save it from the dump.
FWIW a friend had an Axis shortly after they were released, and although I used to take the mickey out of him for having a ‘poor man’s LP12’ it did sound very good in his system. (I was much poorer than him, so as a second hand LP12 owner I felt I could get away with a bit of leg pulling.)

If I was starting from scratch, though, I would just get the best Rega I could for my budget.

I would suggest a Pre Cirkus LP12 with Ittok or even better Ekos + Lingo 1,much more musical than a NDS.

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Question, all this talk of LP12s and Rega, but how do you envision your vinyl listening? Is this going to be a main source again? Or a “sometimes” source to play the occasional disc that came into your possession?

I think the answer to that might change the equation massively.


this is a good point - your latter statement is correct - unfortunately the dead Axis was sold for parts so cant go back there

I am not looking for the ultimate NDS basher so will probably just get a P3 and be done + stuff I need to connect to 252

There’s a lot of room between a P3 and your NDS/555PS I believe. If you want to enjoy the music I’d go for a source better matched . . . maybe your local dealer has some decks you can try at home? Maybe a used P8 or P10?


Well a Stageline is going to cost nearly as much as a P3. I might be tempted, in your position, to go for a decent direct drive with a phono stage built-in. A Technics SL-1500C will cost more than a P3 but won’t need a phono stage and I suspect outperforms a P3. You can then add a phono stage later if your listening get’s more serious. I’ve actually got a couple direct drive decks and although the Regas are a doddle to set up, the fuss free nature of DD and zero belt changes or spindle care is a joy.


P6 is the sweet spot IME, and I’m not echoing forum conventional wisdom, I’ve owned both.


If your Fraim is over a floating/suspended floor, I’d think about getting a TT wall shelf over an additional Fraim shelf. The former is likely to be cheaper too.


I bought the Technics SL100C (a 1500C without phono stage) and a used Stageline….very happy.

A Stageline connected to 252 Aux2 for power sounds very good as a budget phono stage option.

Which Stageline you need depends on cartridge obviously. Used Stageline are cheap.

I would get something better matched or like me you’ll be disappointed and hardly ever using the TT

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The world is your oyster. I’d be thinking Rega 8 or 10, Vertere DG or perhaps good used Roksan Xerxes or of course a Linn. You could usefully add Avid and Michell to the list.

Good luck.


My Regas (P8 and P10) did fine on top of Fraim sitting on a wooden floor. I’d try that in the home first unless someone really wants the wall shelf look.


I agree,both Linn and Rega sounds better on Fraim.
I’ve not seen a nice looking wall shelf setup yet.

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