This is a BLACK Day - Right Channel dead - Beloved Olives


this is a really black day or evening… :frowning:
Want to listen to my NAC52/SC/135/SBL …
Yesterday everything fine - today (yes a warm day - but have been warmer before) only very very faint crackles from the right channel (right SBL).
MY heart went … as you can imagine.

I checked the following:

  • Changed left to right (made a mistake first and than recognized the cables are mono) → dead channel skipped to left side. My conclusion: 135 are OK
  • Changed 135 with 250 (have a spare one stored) → dead channel right side. Changed LS cables → dead channel skipped. My conclusion: 135 are OK, SBLs are OK
  • Changed the SC with the one I have for my prefix → same are before. Dead channel right…

My conclusion: it must be the 52 … :frowning: Oh no - my best friend… :frowning:

Pressing the mono button doesn’t bring both channels back - this is a bit of a surprise.

Dear all: Can you agree, that it is very likely the preamp making problems. Will contact naim tomorrow and hope that they are able o deal with it. If not I have to ship it to UK. The shipping I was afraid of all the time… :frowning:

Any more tests I can do to confirm?

@NeilS Thank you so much for some words of hope and confirming that I have to bring the 52 to service.

THANKS a lot for some nice comments :slight_smile:


Well let us hope it can be fixed - I am sure it can be .

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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I’m not sure I can help much, but what’s the source? And have you tried it on a different input on the 52? And/or try a different source

Cracking system hope it gets fixed soon.


Yes I tried different inputs! Tuner and HDX

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Could be the balance pot.

Spinning it around may cure it. (temporarily)

Is it in the correct position.

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Tried another Burndy and another SNAIC → same issue
Also checked 3 sources - inclusive my Turntable, which worked perfectly 24h ago!
The Balance pot has no effect. No “cleaning”
When balance is on the right side - there is NOTHING (only some very very faint "overlay)

There must be a defect in one mono layer of 52

Do you agree it could be the 52?

Certainly sounds like the 52 doesn’t it?
If it were say, the ch.2 output relay, pressing mono would have no effect as the o/p relays are downstream. Impossible to know the problem without seeing it, as I’m sure you’ll understand.
Perhaps you’ll get that potential s/w update for Flash compatibility sooner than you had planned!



Yess Neil… as well as the lost screw… the flickering Logo … and a complete recap.

To be honest.
It came to my mind, that shipping plus doing the whole package will be my way.

Is the output channel 2 relay a big deal?

Do you think naim can fix it?

“Certainly sounds like the 52 doesn’t it?” means: It is the 52?
I am under shock - so is my English :slight_smile:


I won’t promise the Flash update, as it’s hardware dependant.


  • from what you say, I would agree that the 52 is faulty.
    When you swapped in the 250, did you use the correct stereo XLR cable?
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Yess - used the stereo cable for the 250! I definitely did!

When shipping directly to naim, I think I have to contact my local dealer first, who is doing the order and bringing it to naim Germany, which are sending the 52 to the UK.
Or is it possible to ship directly - me sending directly to naim?

Flash update is the less important, the complete recapping sounds very very tasty… this is tempting and now I have no other way I assume. Do not know if naim Germany is still doing repairs of the 90s stuff.

You will need to take it to your dealer. I assume that they will decide if it can be fixed without shipping it back to the UK.
I don’t know if they will perform service work on older stuff - again, you’ll need to ask them.


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As a positive, I have the exact same system as you. I’ve just had it all serviced and it’s sounding great.

So maybe it’s worth doing at least the 52

Hi Neil!

Yes - will ask naim tomorrow. I do know them many years.
If I want to do the recap, they need to ship it to the UK - they do not do this anymore and had offered the shipping for recapping in the past.

Hope it will not be too long silent here - I think I will ask my dealer lending me a 72 - I sold mine last year - damn… Or I will buy one …
6 weeks plus could be possible for shipping and repair I think. …

If there is holiday season at naim HQ, please let me know. I can wait for the “Masterhands” to be back at work. If there are no specialists for the vintage repair - also fine :slight_smile:

Once again you are my savior!
I am slowly calming down - and I am really happy that you offered that naim will help me freshening up my 52 in a perfect way. No matter what it will cost - I really like the 52 and will love to keep it.

Thanks for all your help and your posts!

Fine regards


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If you want to have it done quicker, because Naim is very very busy actually, you have Daran Class A .

Yes, I know - Daran is the guy doing the master work?
To Class A I can ship directly, I think :slight_smile:

No holiday season to worry about.
I have been servicing & repairing Naim gear for many years, from vintage to present day, so I suppose you could say I’m a specialist! :innocent:



@NeilS ??? If you will lay hand on my 52 yourself, I will pay double price! :wink:
Is there long a queue for the service orders?

Haha! You’d only need to pay the same as anyone else!
All I can promise is that I will keep an eye out for it.
Unfortunately, there is a bit of a queue at the moment - we are very busy!


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