This year’s RiP list

Just reading through The Times’ 2023 notable deaths list, it’s quite the roll call this year.


The list is too long.


Blimey. Who did that?

Edit: Never mind, just read the Chris Barker story.

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Goodness, I missed that Raquel Welch had died. Seeing her in a tiny bikini in ‘One Million Years BC’ was a bit of a milestone for me growing up!


For those of a certain age, i.e. most of us here, it’s an uncomfortable reminder of the years passing all to quickly.

I also find it is as if your own personal world is shrinking.

My dream of living to see Norwich winning the Premiership, FA Cup, well anything come to that, before I die, seems far more unlikely with each passing year.


With many music legends now in their 80’s 2024 is going to be an even busier year for the Grim Reaper.

I agree, I’d like your post but it would seem in bad taste…….
Let’s just hope we are wrong :crossed_fingers:

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A couple of latecomers to the list over the last few days unfortunately. Including the most excellent Tom Wilkinson who died suddenly earlier today.


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Barry from CAR has put together a tribute to the year’s musical casualties…

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