Thorens TD 1601 turntable

Question regarding the Technics, G and GR. Are all new ones now made in Malaysia? After all I have read, I am interested in a G, but is it correct that the Japanese manufactured ones were all from 2016 only? Pre-loved ones are about 3300US, new at 4k. Does it really matter location of manufacture? Any particular questions I should ask about the used ones? Potential of over 2,100 use days from original sale to today. Want to gather as much info as I can before a purchase. Thx. Jd

I only have experience with the older Thorens TD160 so probably does not apply, but as @Ian2001 suggested, the Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage is excellent for what it costs. The PSU1 power supply is imperative.

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No … I get it …

I bought a new 1200G a few months ago now. Made in Malaysia. It’s a stunning piece of kit. What’s the concern with the country of manufacture?

I wouldn’t think twice about a used one, I saw an original 1200 in a record shop the other day, must have been decades old, running 8 hours a day I bet. Nor would I think twice about buying new if that was in budget.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t give a used purchase the once over, but they did have a reputation for being very well made, robust, and I’m not sure the G/GR change that reputation much, and if they do I’d be very surprised if it was for the worse!

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I’m pretty sure the 1200/1210G(AE) were made in Japan until early 2021. Not sure about the GR.

But I don’t see why the country would matter. It’s not outsourced anyway, they have their own facilities in Malaysia.

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I understand now. But not the first time.

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Actually, FR, I’m impressed with the humour you normally catch. I would find it most difficult to pick up on the nuances of humour in a second language, and it can be very suble at times.


perhaps the review on hifi-advice (menu/turntables)
will provide additional information.
I myself have the Thorens td 1601 / Ortofon Cadenza Black in combination with the Cyrus Phone Signature plus power supply, NAC 202/NAP 250 DR/HiCAP DR/NAPSC. Interlinks are the Purist Audio Design Corvus and the Audioquest Fire.
The Thorens sounds warm and analytical. A pleasant high, which sounds very natural with the Purist Audio Design Corvus and a wide stereo image; the Audioquest Fire provides more drive and punch.

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