Those genesis remixes are a breath of fresh air

just got my second box set, 76 - 82 after 70 - 75 and i’m really happy with results

the later box is less of a revelation but davis and crew did a great job on these,
everything is more present and clear especially bass and drums

of course some of the original “soul” is changed but after listening
to these great records since childhood the change is welcomed

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The only ‘early’ Genesis in my collection is Lamb Lies Down, so I thought I’d have a look at these box sets. The 70-75 box set is £600 - £800 on Amazon!

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I’ve also got the 70-75 set which I really like. Wish I’d bought the other two sets when they were first released.

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Nick Davis’s bowdlerization of the Colony of Slippermen is unforgivable, as is what sounds like the use of a different take for the fade-out of Supper’s Ready.

The remixes work best when he keeps a light touch. His more heavy-handed interventions work less well, IMO.

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the slight differences here and there are kinda part of the fun and there are only very few of them

i give Davies some creative leeway on this unbelievable undertaking and compared to what most bands have done with their back catalog; this is by far the most worthwhile endeavor i’ve seen

they gave fans nearly new music rather than just remasterings which usually turns out to be nothing more than a cash grabs and are often worse than even basic vintage reissues or are just expensive collector only editions

I’d bought most of my favourite Genesis albums in the remix version on vinyl, just because of the wear and multiple styluses used on my ‘in period’ originals. The biggest change I noticed was the bass guitar work, but I’m also getting more of the skin of the drum, so I like them. I’d avoided the Lamb because I’d never been its biggest fan, but recently took the plunge, and went into HMV and bought the CD, because my CD player has been singing beautifully recently. This has in fact changed my view of the album. It’s really very good. At the same time I bought some live albums by both Genesis and Yes, and the more recent mixes do bring out more of the music so I’m a fan.

yeah the lamb takes a bit to get used to but it’s an opus for them

i completely agree, i’m hearing Mike’s bass work for the first time
(except his bass pedals) and also hearing phil’s drums especially his hi-hat work
on the new mixes much better

On the Lamb, I think I’m hearing pedal work on Disc 2.

Happy July 4th btw.

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i meant that his bass pedals were always quite prominent but his bass was usually hard to hear on the original mixes

i also like the harder edge in the davis mixes, they sound more like they did live

Also just got ‘The Lost Radio Recordings’ on CD, which sounds pretty good for a 50 year old set of sessions.

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this one? but the cd version of course…

i consider myself pretty knowledgeable in all things genesis but
i don’t think i’ve ever heard of the first three songs, unless they’re covers or working titles of other tunes

They are in the 1970-75 box set as extra tracks, but I believe were done in 1970 for the BBC sessions. I’d not heard them before but you could easily see them as part of those early albums.

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is this the one?

That’s it!

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