Thought I was buying Sopra 2, but …

I had a great demo of the Focal Sopra 2 a short while ago and I said they were great. On 23 December I had a demo of newly-arrived Raidho X2T. I have to say that I was awe-struck by the top end and mids. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. The bass might have had a tad less impact than the Sopra, but there didn’t seem to be a lot in it, given the diminutive nature of the Raidho. Outstanding.

Admittedly, the Sopra demo was on the end of New Classic and the Raidho was with Pathos Twin Towers. I’ll hear the Raidho with NC in the new year and see how it goes. However, they seem to be a force to be reckoned with.


The interesting thing with Raidho is that a while back it was the people that now runs Audiogroup Denmark that developped at Raidho. They are now gone but it seems that other capable people has taken over at Raidho. If I was not adicted to Audiovector I would probably own Audiogroup Denmark speakers to get the newest of their tech or maybe Raidho, at least they still get very good reviews.

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You are comparing apples with pears, my friend.


I would have thought that was implicit in my statement. That doesn’t affect the speaker’s general capabilities though. However, it’s kind of the point of hearing it again on NC equipment and probably some other amps too. Advance expectations can colour opinions, but I would expect an improved bass performance from NC, maybe at the expense of something else, but that’s to satisfy my curiosity from very different amplification. I would be running them with Luxman in my case, but I thought someone may be interested in the results with NC. I have not ruled out a move to NC in the future though, so it’s relevant to me too. If I’m impressed enough, I’ll bring them up to the house to try out. It would be easier to take my amp to the shop, but they have to work in the room. At 23 kg, at least they’re easy enough to transport and try out - rather more so than the Focal and Audio Solutions alternatives :).

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Have you heard the Sopra’s on your Luxman? You need to test in your environment of course.

If it’s meaningless I’ll just stop talking about it then and everyone else can ignore what I have written. Obviously there’s no point me reading about anything that I haven’t heard on my own equipment. I’ll perhaps try on a different forum. ‘Bye.

Come on @NigelB makes a reasonable point and all I’m saying is you need to try any potential speaker with your system but in order to maintain the spirit of the season I’ve amended.

Do you really think I don’t know that ……. ? I was trying to make the point that I had heard a speaker that was potentially very impressive. Some people may have been interested in that. Anyway, I’m done.


And I asked a, from my point of view, legitimate question with regard to the Sopras. Anyway, all done.

Didn’t mean to upset you, in fact you will see I ‘Liked’ your response to my last post.

Indeed I would be interested to hear how the Raidhos performs with Naim kit.

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Like Borresen,Audiovectors and others not always mentioned on the forum Raidho will work fine with Naim. If they work in a specific system or room of course I do not know.

I read your post as: “I’ve just listened to a very fine sounding speaker, which I’d not heard of before. I’m going to audition it with some NC boxes.”

That certainly interested me, even though I’m not in the market for speakers. Please don’t go and instead report back on the audition.



I loved the Sporas with my Luxman m900u. I did not in anyway love the Radio X2 with the Luxman. I would try them in your environment.

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do you know anything about scansonic speakers? they seem to be part of the same group as raidho but at more manageable prices?

No only what you are saying, that Scansonic is the economy brand for Raidho.

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