Thoughts on a thread?

Hi again guys

I have had a quick search and couldn’t see anything but maybe not entering correctly.

I don’t know how it would fair with Naim and wondered if it would be possible to start a specific suggestions thread for example the new streamers.

Things that a layman like me would think maybe not to complicated/problematic to implement at some point.

A couple that I know have been mentioned and I agree would be useful.

Turning the display on and off via the remote. Maybe instead of the button for illuminating the three lights in the front of the current streamers.

Making it possible to view the clock permanently on the screens.

It would be great if we were able to somehow have a questions answered type thread with some of the main naim guys like @NeilS we’re able to explain different things to those interested with specific questions. Obviously within reason.
Thing also like tips and tricks that you guys have picked up from ongoing testing over the years would be great also.

Cheers popeye.

Hi Popeye, by all means you can start a thread with a feature wish list.

A Q&A is a bit more tricky because the R&D guys and girls are so very busy working on stuff, but if you have any specific questions you can always send them to Naim directly and they will try to get you answers.

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Cheers Richard

Yes I can totally appreciate that. :+1:t2:

I think a ‘feature requests’ thread could have some value, although Naim are generally pretty tight lipped, and I would be surprised if you got much in the way of direct feedback from Salisbury. I would suggest that it would be best to limit it to the new streaming platform and put it in the Streaming Audio section, rather than have a wide ranging thread about amps, preamps, cables, servers etc.
Have a look at the Roon forum, they actively encourage feature requests, and their staff actively engage in many of the discussions, although they too have sometimes been silent on some oft-requested features.


What are they working on? lol


Can I just state how DISAPPOINTED I am in this thread! With this title I was expecting you to rip into another thread, using pejorative & colourful language together with salacious gossip to destroy someone’s reputation. What do I get? A sensible suggestion.

Now, where did I leave that copy of the Daily Mail?

Did you put the fish and chips in it?

No, I found it in the bin.

Haha, well MrUndrrhill

I shall let you kick things off!



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