Thunder and lightning & My Uniti Nova

I wonder if anyone can help; just had a massive lightning nearby and my Nova has stopped working (was using it at the time). The power is on and various lights also on, but doesn’t seem to connect to the app. The message on my mobile refers to headphones (weren’t connected at the time). All other electrical devices working. Any idea what I can do other than contacting the dealer?

Have you tried a factory reset?

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Thanks, just tried that. Nothing!

Are you able to control it directly using the buttons on the front?


Sorry about the short answer.

I would try unplugging the mains cable for a few minutes. Restart your router, then plug the Nova back in and see what happens.

If you use a wired Ethernet connection look at the port and see if there are any flashing lights indicating network activity.
Damage can be caused by lightning through either mains cables or network cables. If you use Ethernet have a look in the port and at the cable for any signs of damage.

If you can’t get it to work you will need to talk to your dealer and see if it is repairable.

Thanks Chris. Will let you know how I get on. I fear a visit to the dealer is going to be necessary (good thing is the shop is in my village).


Hi Chris
Took the Nova to Criterion who are in my village just outside Cambridge. The factory reset was tried by them as well and nothing doing. So the unit was booked with Naim and it is going back to have the software updated/ loaded!.
Will take about 3-4 weeks. Luckily, I kept my old Naim equipment. Back to CDs, Reel to Reel etc.
Finally, what is really annoying is the fact that I have just renewed my Qobuz annual subscription. Hey ho!


If all it needs us a firmware reload, think yourself lucky! It’s possible to completely fry the whole thing, so hopefully you have escaped an expensive write-off.

Perhaps worth thinking about how you might mitigate this in future. The best option is to unplug power and Ethernet, but if course it’s always possible that you won’t be able to.

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Just picked up the Nova from my local dealer Criterion Audio. Naim have repaired the Nova FOC under the guarantee. I have connected it all again and all I can think of is, heaven!!!

Thank you Naim & Criterion Audio Cambridge.


Best practice, check weather forecast daily. Credit to Naim for foc repair - realistically not a warranty issue.
If in doubt, disconnect Naim kit, including ethernet cable where applicable. Similar practice for router, tv, electricals et al.
Very easy to get ‘fried’ directly or for installations nearby to receive a hit thence for that to travel along mains and telephone wires.