Tidal £3 for 3 months offer

As above anyone gone with this?, i have had tidal before, when i had the NDS and briefly when i first got the DCS. But soon switched over to Qobuz, especially when they slashed the price.
Anyway decided to give tidal a go last night, got to say quite enjoying some off the MQA tracks, its strange as some sound fantastic and others slightly over processed, but just playing yello, live in Berlin and it sounds much cleaner than the qobuz version. Got to say, i didnt really give it a serious go last time round, but my streaming-audio side has changed considerably since then (cable, switch) and as said enjoying most off it.
Back to the music.
Cheers dunc

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Interesting @Dunc.
I’ve been a loyal Tidal Hi Fi subscriber since the beginning but I cancelled at the weekend and switched to Qobuz.
I felt like I was letting them down but at £5 per month cheaper felt like I needed to do it.

I did enjoy Tidal, and at that offer you got, it’s a no brainer.
Make sure you give it a proper chance this time, I’m sure you will enjoy the ride!

I tried but looks like It’s only for new unused accounts

Just give a different email address, simpools

Cold you share link?

Just search for, tidal £3 for 3 month. It will pop up

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