Tidal 3 month Trial

Hi All
Have had Muso (1gen) since Nov 19 btw loving it

I have been using Apple Music and now wish to try Tidal when I open Tidal on IPad Naim app get login or start 3 month trial

Try 3 month trial button takes me to

Question is was the 3 month trial a time limited offer or I’m I doing something wrong?

Thanks in anticipation

Looks like this offer has expired - On the Naim website (link), it says “The free subscription is redeemable any time before the 31st December 2019 via the Naim app.

However, you may be interested to hear that Tidal are currently offering a 120day trial (Premium or HiFi) for only £4/€4 (link).


Thanks George
Have signed up for Hifi will give it a go.


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