TIDAL AAC tracks displayed sample rate in Naim app

Just curious if anyone knows…

Whenever I play a Tidal track which is only AAC instead of FLAC it always seems to display the sample rate as 96 kb/s. (I say always, but as I haven’t come across a huge number of these tracks so far I’m basing this assumption on a low sample!)

The quality certainly doesn’t sound that bad so I’m thinking this is just an incorrect display.

Does anyone know if this is the case and why?

Two examples:

Hi Steeve,

I’ve had a look and those particular albums are being delivered in 96kbit AAC, so the app is correct. AAC is a good codec for using the bandwidth available wisely when dealing with low data rates, unlike MP3.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t meaning to take up the time of Naim Software personnel but many thanks for taking the time to check this out.

The tracks do sound quite listenable -through a Muso anyway - although I’m sure a full FLAC file would be better. Good to know the app is functioning correctly as well.



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