Tidal and AirPods Max

If I listen to TIDAL from Apple devices on Air Pods MAX via bluetooth (it’s the only way), will the sound be reproduced in Hi-Fi or in lossy format?

I’m virtually certain it’s lossy. Bluetooth is the limitation.


Go down to the FAQ’s, first entry:


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Rumours are that Apple will finally use Ultra Wide Band on the next generation AirPods which will allow wireless lossless. Relevant chip has apparently been on Apple devices since iPhone 11.


How do the AirPods Max sound?

I don’t really like the design but suspect they are pretty darned good.

I think they sound goods, but I don’t like with blutooth I can’t have lossless music :roll_eyes:

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Can most people tell the difference in blind tests?

Have you listened to the AirPods Max before you made that judgement?

I think you will find that even though they use Bluetooth, they will likely be fierce competition for any alternative setup within the same price range (and category!), even those claiming to use higher resolution codecs.

When you live with a pair for a while it puts into perspective what you actually get for your money.

Rock solid connection, extremely flat and uncoloured sound, deep bass, pretty astounding transparency, excellent noise cancelling, top build quality, replaceable ear cups and seamless switching between Apple devices.

I will add that I don’t use them solely for music. Mostly movies and just general use. Maybe 20% music. Obviously the same amount spent on proper wired hifi cans will get you better performance but obviously you don’t get the noise cancelling, which I love!

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