Tidal app does not play with Muso

I’m having problems running the Tidal app. When I click on Tidal in the Muso app, I get a very cut down version of what’s shown in the full app. If I click on go to app, it opens fine but there is no option to play songs through my Muso and it will start playing on my phone while what is paying on the Naim app continues playing on my muso. This also applies if I open the Tidal app directly. I see no option to add my Muso and no way of playing through it from the app.

The reason I find this a problem is that I want all of the features of the full app available.
Samsung S9+ Anfroid version 9

From the Tidal App, your Muso should show up as a Chromecast device (bottom left of the screen when playing a track), select the Muso and you’re good to go.

If it’s a Muso 2, it can use Chromecast or AirPlay. A first gen. Muso will only use AirPlay.

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It’s a muso 1 but Tidal works through the Naim app: it appears to have a cut down menu though. Spotify connects directly with the Muso and doesn’t need the Naim app.

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