Tidal app not working on NDX

Hi all

I have recently signed up for Tidal, initially through Apple and noticed the extra “Apple bonus charge” ….robbing gits! I then cancelled the free subscription via the Apple site and will re-join through the Tidal website on once my free subscription period has finished, hopefully this will then go down to the Tidal price of £10.99 and not the “enhanced” Apple price of £13.99!

Anyway, although I am able to connect to Tidal through the Naim app (native?) I cannot connect when selecting the Tidal app - it plays merrily away on my iPad but does not have/I cannot see the option to directly connect to the NDX

When using Spotify it acts totally the opposite - I select Spotify on the Naim app, this then toggles up a drop down menu to connect to the Spotify app, I select this, then select the streaming option of my NDX on the Spotify app and Bobs me Uncle = it all works fine.

I would like to use the Tidal app in a similar way I use the Spotify app if at all possible as like the Spotify app the Tidal app seems more intuitive and user friendly and so am wondering if this is normal or am I doing something wrong?

I guess a solution could be to use a Wiim streamer plugged into one of the inputs on the NDX but would prefer not to do this if at all possible.

Thanks for any suggestions/help


Just noticed when playing files from my iMac via UPnP Tidal is offering other albums suggestions at the bottom of the page! What is all this witchcraft? :scream_cat::joy:

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I’m afraid that your NDX & other legacy Naim streamers only offer “native” TIDAL within the Naim app. TIDAL Connect does not work.

So all is as expected from that perspective.


Thanks for confirming that, so connect is an app/external source and native is a link built into the player then?

So In theory as a get out of jail solution I could use a Wiim streamer or the other option would be upgrade to an NDX2 to receive connect assuming an NDX2 has Tidal connect as native?

Another odd thing is that on the Naim app there is a Tidal button top right that toggles a drop down menu that includes Tidal app, but as mentioned before although it opens up the Tidal app and plays happily on my iPad it will not connect to the NDX, this I believe to be an airplay problem - does the NDX2 have Apple AirPlay?

Both chromecast and airplay, but what’s wrong with playing tidal through the Naim app to the ndx?

The ndx has Spotify connect but not tidal connect.

Tidal Connect will work on an NDX2 or any 2nd gen. Naim streamer. It’s not Airplay, although that would work too.

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The Tidal app has a nicer (to my eyes) user interface

You could buy something that does support tidal connect, and plug this into the ndx via coax. Replacing the ndx seems to be a bit too much just because the app is a bit nicer.

I have tried using a Wiim mini with the NDX to enable Tidal Connect app, tbh a few gremlins were encountered (couple of crashes) so I will be returning to standard Tidal on the NDX for now.

Some of it may well be user error as I am new to Tidal, I am a long term Spotify user (highest quality toggled) and do really like Spotify - the lyrics are quite useful when I want to compete with next doors dog and the user layout is very easy to use/eye pleasing. However there’s definitely a marked improvement using Tidal so it looks like I may have to think about an upgrade in the future.

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