Tidal app v Naim app

On the Tidal app I can see, for example, ‘Artist Radio’ and ‘Mixes for You’. These don’t seem to be present on the Naim app when accessing Tidal, unless I’m missing something.

All I can find is …>start artist radio, which is actually a mix of various artist loosely in the same style.

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Mixes is a HUGE missing thing for me - I find that without using Roon or playlists that Tidal has put together (which is really hit and miss), it’s the best way to find new music that I’d be a fan of. I’ve resorted to Chromecasting from the Tidal app in this case - bring on Tidal Connect when/if it releases :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have anyone noticed SQ difference when streaming Tidal in its best Hi-Fi subscription between via Naim app (better) or thru the Tidal app?

Fine if you like Jay-Z though funnily enough…

The curation behind the playlist engines of Tidal leaves a lot to be desired in my experience.

I don’t like Jay-Z.

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There’s lots of differences. The Tidal app separates live albums from studio ones. The Naim app just conglomerates them into one. Good thing I don’t switch back and forth between the two or I would get confused where to find stuff.

Continuous playback is yet another thing Tidal has that Naim’s app doesn’t… since working from home (happy 1 year anniversary!) I’ve often pressed an album to play and wished that it just continued as it usually does through my Pixel phone.

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I’m glad Naim doesn’t have continuous play. I hate that. I guess to each his own.

Well. Such things should be optional of course. With Tidal you get the choice, with the Naim app you don’t.

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Never met him, but the playlists Tidal curated for me were very good and nothing to do with Jay-z just the type of music I listen to. Curation goes past what you see in the shop window which in fairness is selling the most popular music in the world. Whats on the landing page in the app is no way to judge any streaming service. I would never subbed to Qobuz otherwise as its home page is dire full of old rock legends , classical and jazz artists I don’t give a hoot about, but get underneath and its more than that. Shame their curation sucks big time I would never discover new music easily with their app alone.

Ah you and I have had a very different experience then - curation and personalisation is what makes the App sticky, and Spotifys engine and balance is FAR better than Tidal.

I’ve just had a look again now - and while yes, there is naturally some “chart music” being offered there is also an invitation to dive into “Euro Rap” and many other categories where it’s clear there has been no personalised at all applied, and that lack of personalisation had been filled with contemporary R&B of some description, which in my case is down there with Norwegian Death Metal amongst categories im uninterested in. It just always has the look of editorial manipulation rather than allowing personalisation to work its magic.

Spotify gets the balance far better - with more personalised music being offered, and where it is what’s there is based on what I’ve actually been listening to, but a few degrees around it, so as to entice down different alleys. I discover far more music in Spotify than anywhere else - then listen to it (via Roon) on Tidal or Qobuz, depending on where I find the superior bit rate.

So I disagree - what’s on the landing page is amongst the better ways to judge a streaming service - because that’s where the brains are on display. Once bit rate is taken off the table - very little else is anything other than “me too”

He’s just cashed out. Might be safe to revisit the playlists now :grinning:

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