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I understand that Tidal is native to the ND5XS2. Do I still need to download the Tidal app to my iPhone? Or will I be able to control all of Tidal’s functions by just using the Naim app? If this is possible, are there any advantage or disadvantage without having the Tidal app in my phone?

Hi, you don’t need the Tidal app, you can just control it from within the Naim app.
There are a few things that the Naim app can’t do, such as access the MyMix playlists that Tidal generates. You can access these in the Tidal app and use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream to the ND5 if you prefer, although there may be a small loss of sound quality.

There is an update in the pipeline called Tidal Connect, which allows full control of the streamer from within the Tidal app, in the same way as Spotify has always worked.

And then there’s Qobuz :wink:

Thanks for your reply ChrisSU.

Without the Tidal app in my mobile phone, is there a way to log out from Tidal by just using the Naim app? I can’t seem to find an option to log out. I even did a hard reset on the Naim streamer but upon checking, I’m still logged in when I press the tidal icon in the Naim app.

Why do want to log out? There is no need to in any situation unless you change your Tidal account details. You log.into your account on Naim app and you can still use the Tidal app to add to your Tidal favourites and play music on your phone and tablet.

As CG says, you don’t need to log out.
Tidal will not allow you to play music simultaneously on more devices than your subscription allows, but you don’t need to log out on one device or app in order to use another.

To answer your question all the same, yes, if you really want to you can log out of Tidal in the Naim app via Settings/Input Settings/Tidal

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