Tidal can't discover ND5XS Streamers

Hi, I have been using Tidal for some time from within the NAIM app. Since the launch of Tidal Connect, I have upgraded the firmware on both my ND5XS streamers. I have installed the latest versions of both the Naim and Tidal apps on my Ipad and iphone.
Everything works as before when accessing Tidal through the Naim app, but when I try to play directly from the Tidal app, the streamers do not show as being available. I have run the new diagnostics tool and it says everything is in order and is “Good”. Any suggestions as what to do next?

Tidal Connect doesn’t work with the old streamers. Only with the new generation.
For the old generation, it’s strongly recommended to make the 4.8 update.

Thanks I’ve already updated the firmware to 4.8. According to the Naim website the 4.8 firmware update works on many legacy streamers including ND5XS.

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Yes,but 4.8 only included support for the new login method Tidal implemented. So you could still use the legacy streamers for Tidal. Just with the Naim app that is. It did not implement support for Tidal connect afaik. But I’ve been proven wrong before…

You are correct

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Thanks for your responses. Does anyone know of a way to use the Tidal Connect with the ND5XS?

No way. Maybe by adding something like Sonore rendu or ultrarendu….additional hardware.

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