Tidal Connect

Thanks for explaining, @Suedkiez!

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I don’t know if it’s still an issue, but at least at one point Chrome (the browser) did something weird. Using the Chromecast from the browser did not yield the same results as from apps. Can’t remember whether it was compression or something else.

The browser is different. The statement above was for the Qobuz app. The Chromecast extension in the browser does so-called tab casting, where the browser sends the actual data from the tab. That’s also why the browser player has a setting for max. bitrate. You need to set that to max. I think you’d need a pretty poor computer for hi-res audio streaming being a performance issue - this Chromecast implementation in the browser is probably more an issue with video.

No Chromecast is fully uncompressed.

Too bad, I only see the chromecast (hifi) for my NDX2 as well in the Tidal app. Perhaps Naim are going to add a dedicated Tidal-Connect that would be able to handle the (master) MQA first unfold from the Tidal app. It would be good to hear from Naim marketing on their position regarding the Tidal announcement…

We’ll be introducing TIDAL Connect support in 2021 via a free firmware upgrade to our latest generation of streaming products (Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation; Uniti Atom, Star and Nova; ND 5 XS2, NDX 2, ND 555). We’ll keep everyone updated.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy TIDAL in superb quality directly from the Naim App (including via earlier-generation Naim streaming products), or via Roon, or use Chromecast or AirPlay to listen via the TIDAL App.


Thank you for pointing that out, @Naim.Marketing! :blush:

You can find the details of the issue here:

Definitely with audio, but it might be that the implementation in the browser is somehow optimised for video.

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Can you please introduce this as well for the legacy mu-so’s ? I’d be happy to turn off Spotify Connect and a lot of other features on those to have this one.

Thank you.

Not possible, i’m afraid. We did introduce AirPlay 2 to first-gen Mu-so, though, so that gives you an option to cast TIDAL App direct (assuming you have an Apple device!)
And, of course, you have native TIDAL implementation.

That’s precisely the problem. I don’t have an Apple device. Tidal connect would be something that’s not OS specific and should work for both Apple and Android, so feel free to remove Airplay support in favour of Tidal Connect. :wink:

I do keep getting the feeling Naim views its Android users as second class citizens :frowning:

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What’s wrong with native Tidal?

We definitely don’t - you’re just paranoid (Android) :slight_smile:


Nothing at all - there are indeed some potential advantages of using a native implementation, for the reasons Steve Harris outlines in his post linked to near top of this thread. (Though TIDAL Connect is different to Chromecast, it must be said.)

But there’s no denying the convenience or capabilties of TIDAL Connect, and we’re happy to support it as an option in that future firmware update.

I have a 1st Gen Muso and Tidal works fine over WiFi :slight_smile:

@NAIM … On tidal slash connect they do not make a difference. They simply mention Mu-So devices in general. So that would imply Gen1 and Gen2 … If you really are not going to be able to introduce Tidal Connect to Gen 1 devices, you should have this corrected on the Tidal website as this will definitely trigger wrong expectations …

The exact text:

  • Naim
  • To set up TIDAL on Naim download the update alongside instructions on how to apply to your streamer from the Naim website. Owners of Mu-so wireless music systems will be prompted to update via their Naim app for iOS and Android devices. Look out for the Update Available notice and then follow the in-app instructions to update and benefit from the new functionality.

I have been known to be a bit paranoid (I think that’s the reason everyone hates me :wink: )

But this is a good example of why I’m inclined to think this. Why was so much effort taken to include Airplay, which is only of use to Apple users? But connection options which would work for both OS’ (not just Android) apparently aren’t being considered? My guess would be because Apple users are already covered by the former, so you don’t see a need anymore. Your first response was also to suggest Airplay.

Options like Tidal Connect or perhaps Chromecast (assuming it doesn’t require additional hardware) should work for everyone.

Another example is the lock screen widget, which so far has only been released for Apple. For Android it’s apparently on a backlog somewhere, but not scheduled for the next release, even though the Apple release was 9 months ago.

Can you give me a single example of something you’ve done that only benefits Android users?

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Oh great that’s another nail in the coffin for the legacy streamers then. I got my SuperUniti new, three years ago, and would think that it should get some upgrade love from Naim. Alas it now looks like a pipe dream. Looks like I’d need to upgrade to the Nova to get the new streaming options and loose out on some features that the Nova doesn’t have :disappointed:

Hi Tom
Do you still have the Zen Mini?
Do you not use Roon or Audirvana apps?
(I’ve just moved from the MConnectHD app back to the Naim app for Tidal on my 272.)

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Hi JimDog, yes still have the Zen Mini. Which does support Qobuz and Tidal so it’s not the end of the world. I use the iPeng app and I’ve recently started to use the Logitech Media Server control app via web interface as well. Which allows me to stream from the Zen to the SuperUniti via UpNP. I tested Roon with it a while back but was not 100% convinced, especially paying that much for essentially control software on top of Qobuz or Tidal, which already have nice user interface apps.

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