Tidal - cheaper after subscription lapsed

Just a quick heads up - my credit card expired so my subscription to Tidal lapsed as they could not take the subscription. On restarting the subscription, the cost dropped from £12.99 to £9.99 per month.
Bit galling as i am sure they would have happily continued to take the £12.99 forever more…

Maybe you started the period within the app and extended through web? Different pricing since Apple want their chunk.

Yes, definitely looks like the 30% Apple tax. I don’t think Tidal have ever offered a £12.99/month sub through their website

Ah, that makes sense. It’s not a lot of money but would prefer the £30 odd quid a year in my back pocket. I think full hifi was £5 a month a
Cheaper, again better in your pocket than in Apple’s overfull coffers!

Apple have come in for a lot of criticism for this flagrant overcharging. What you are getting for the extra cost is precisely nothing, and the price difference is not tranparent. Never use the Mac app store to buy anything!

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