Tidal chromecast issue

I cannot connect the Tidal app to the chromecast of my Naim atom anymore. The tidal app is working with other chromecast devices. With spotify I can still connect with both my Naim and other chromecast devices.

Is there an issue with the chromecast connection of tidal and the naim atom?

Does Tidal work via the Naim App?

It’s extremely spotty, just keep trying and at some point it will work. This has been going on for months. Supposedly it’s a Google authentication server issue, although I still don’t quite understand why only Naim would be affected.

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Is your issue that you can see the Naim Atom from your Chromecast interface but it won’t connect… or I stage issue you can’t see the Naim Atom at all from the Chromecast interface.

If the former… Naim will need to advise.

If the latter then it suggests possibly our good old friend multicast group addressing and non compliant home networking devices. Chromecast uses the DIAL protocol which uses the upnp SSDP discovery technique and SSDP multicast group address.
If this is the case, on your wifi, router and switch, do you see a setting called IGMP snooping… if so try temporarily disabling it on all devices, and then rentable each in turn until the issue restart.

Make sure your home network is simple, and you using no third party consumer wifi mesh type devices that are adding NAT. This will interfere with applications talking to each other across your home network and will stop some things from working, especially if either side of the NAT boundary.

I can see the Naim in the tidal app but I cannot connect via chromecast from Tidal app.

Have you tried initiating the process from within the Naim app? Go to Settings > Input Settings > Chromecast and follow the instructions from there, including the link to Tidal.

Yes I did. When I go to the naim app to settings, to chromecast to apps and to open tidal chromecast is not working. But when I go to eg Spotify in the same way it is working.

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