Tidal Chromecast

Hi all. I’m using ND5 XS2. If I stream Tidal through the Naim app Tidal plays fine but if I choose to go directly through the Tidal App and touch the Chromecast option I can see my ND5 XS2 but when I touch that the Chromecast icon flashes a few times but nothing happens. All I hear is the music through my iPad as opposed to my HiFi? Any thoughts?

Have you set up Chromecast to get it working? Does it work with sources other than Tidal?
If not, go to Input Settings in the Naim app, select Chromecast and take it from there.

Yep…Chromecast set up ok to work with Tidal app. So I open up the Naim app…click on Chromecast Built In…then I select Tidal. The app opens, I start playing music through my iPad, then I hit the small speaker like icon…then I see my Naim streamer so I select that and the Chromecast icon flashes for a while but then stops and the music continues playing through my iPad. Chromecast works fine with Spotify

There’s a general Chromecast issue, not specific to Naim or Tidal where it’s struggling to connect to Google’s authentication server. It’s actually improved the last few days.

You could check again, and see if it’s any different for other Chromecast apps.

Ok…thanks. I seem to have the same issue with Quobuz. I’m going to the Naim app. Selecting Chromecast Built In and then selecting Quobuz which opens the Quobuz app. I see the Chromecast icon top right but when I select that all I see is “Select Your Audio Output” with two options…Airplay & Bluetooth (list of available devices) or my iPad. I select Airplay & Bluetooth and I see my Naim streamer. I can select my Naim streamer and it will play ok but I’m assuming I’m using Airplay and not Chromecast? With Tidal I see an extra option which is a small speaker like icon. When I select that I see my Naim streamer next to the Chromecast icon. When I select that the icon flashes for a while then reverts back to the speaker icon. Once again, with Tidal I can select Airplay &Bluetooth and it will play fine but not when I select the Chromecast option. I hope I’ve explained this ok?

Not had any issues with my Chromecast built in devices all work flawlessly. Don’t use it on my Atom though.

It’s been a lot better in recent days, but had issues for weeks. Not with my Chromecast Audio dongles, but with the Naim built-in one. Naim said it’s a wider spread (B&O, Cambridge Audio etc.) issue where google updated something so now more requests were needed to authenticate, overloading their (Google’s) authentication servers. Interesting that your built-in devices weren’t affected.

For a couple of weeks or so I could rarely connect to my Star, now it’s the other way around.

After resetting everything including router and streamer, it now seems to be working. I was using Ethernet cable from mesh box into router and was therefore not using the two wifi antennae. I’ve attached the two antennae now even though I’m using Ethernet cable. Would that have made a difference or not relevant? As it happens, the guy at Naim said that using Chromecast for Tidal, Qobuz is not as good as using the Tidal and Qobuz that is built into the streamer.

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