Tidal connect, naim mu-so Qb2 & Hi-res FLAC support coming soon?

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Tidal enabled High Res FLAC playback in Tidal Connect back in october 2023, but as far as I can tell, naim mu-so Qb2 still max outs at 16bit 44,1khz regardless if I’m using the Tidal app (Android, iOS, Mac) or focal&naim’s one.

The device should be able to handle FLAC and I’m guessing a firmware update would be the fix. Any timeline on when this could be arriving?

Thanks for your help!

So far no timeline has been announced for any firmware updates addressing this issue.

There is a lot of discussion around this matter in these threads

Bummer… for such a high end brand and device, it’s a bit frustrating that they’re not working on supporting the feature. By the way, is there somewhere I can view the release notes for the last firmware updates? Thanks.

Any news on the Tidal upgrade yet. My Spotify is up for renewal and I want to switch when new software out

In case you were wondering, a Technical Support Specialist from naim got back to me and said “Tidal FLAC is due for release this year”.

So at least we know it’s coming.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later!

This year? We are in May, this year could be December. Not too fast Naim, not too fast.

No release notes. No roadmap. Nothing. They are very conservative in comparison to the industry IMO.

Why would you want to wait to switch from Spotify? Spotify is lossy 320kbps at best while with Tidal you get CD quality now with support for hi res on the way

Yes, no matter

It isn’t that simple for me.
Quality is only one consideration.

Spotify connect is implemented really well.
Tidal connect on the other hand is terrible: no lock screen control, no native volume control (with app in background), no awareness of other devices already streaming using connect, crashing devices if the app is closed while connected, not able to pick back up on previously connected devices if you do accidentally close the app…….

Honestly I’ll go back to Spotify exclusively if they do ever enable high-res.

I’d probably use Spotify too but how can you trust them when the claimed like over 2 years ago they were coming out with lossless and then never followed up with what happened.

We get these little hack teasers that show they are still playing around with it. It also sounds like they’ll try to charge more if and when it comes out. And then we might also end up with the same problem with Naim. Will they support Spotify lossless right away or will we have to wait close a year for them to update firmware.

The maker of Naim’s streaming board did say their latest update includes the latest Spotify updates, so it’s possible lossless ability will be ready at same time Naim gives Tidal Max. Then just a matter of time of when Spotify actually releases it.

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