Tidal Connect Uniti 2 is it compatible?

Have a little difficulty navigating Tidal on Uniti 2 via the Naim App, my problem is it shows my favourite albums and artists but for example when a track finishes usually it will fetch and play similar selections but I’m getting none of the advanced menus at all. Does Tidal Connect work with the Uniti 2 as the interaction I’m having isn’t that great at the moment unless I’m doing something wrong?. On current firmware. When I click the tidal logo I’m getting my fav albums only nothing more adventurous.

Thanks in advance

Tidal Connect only works with the current range of Naim streamers, so I’m afraid your Uniti needs to access it from within the Naim app.
There are a few possible workarounds that may help if you want to use the Tidal app without upgrading your streamer to a newer model, but they are not quite as simple as just using the Naim app.

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