Tidal Connect vs. Airplay?

The other day I tried playing on my NDX2 from Tidal and discovered Tidal Connect. Until then I’d used native Tidal in the Naim App.

This morning I don’t get the option to use Tidal Connect, instead it uses Airplay. As I tried to understand, it did once present Tidal Connect as an option, but then that went away. I’ve tried resetting the player and connecting from the Tidal app from both my iPad and iPhone. But only Airplay now available.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

Does it even matter?

My NDX2 is wired to the network.

So when you click on the sound option in Tidal, what do you see?
Have you powered off your NDX2 at the wall for a few minutes? If that still fails, then power off your router for a few minutes

I see the device the Tidal app is on and AirPlay. I did do a power down reset, but I’ll try that again. If that doesn’t help I’ll try a router reset.

It’s very important to remove the power by removing the plug from the wall, as normal turning off does not shutdown the operating system than runs the NDX2.

You need a subscription to use tidal connect I think, do you have a subby? Perhaps you were trialing and it ran out?

Just a thought,.

I have a subscription. Tidal Connect seems to work when using iPad but not iPhone. Seems a bit random! I’ve used native Tidal for years, but the Tidal app is a better experience, and makes choosing something easier, more pleasant and visually pleasing, hence the interest in then being able to get this to work. Not sure if there are any sq compromises, although it sounds okay.

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