Tidal connect won't play on Naim Atom

Hi there, I keep struggling with Tidal Connect via my Atom. I open the Tidal app, chose a song and then want to play it via Tidal Connect on the Atom - and it just won’t connect. Atom is available in the stream options, it just won’t play. The song just pauses. When I chose “play on this device” or “Chromecast” then it works again. As if Tidal Connect couldn’t find the Atom.

When I stream from Spotify connect, all works perfectly fine.

I reinstalled both apps (Naim and Tidal), Naim soft is updated, I logged out from my Tidal account in the Naim app and logged back again. I’m streaming from an Android mobile. All is connected via WiFi.

Any ideas? It drives me mad…

Me again - strangely enough - Tidal is active in Inputs in the Naim app (print screen in previous post), but the Atom itself doesn’t see it, it’s not in the available sources… (picture below).

I’m completely lost now :frowning:

I’ve experienced similar on my Nova and Mu-so QB2 with the latest version of the Tidal Android app (2.67.0). Clearing storage and logging back into Tidal appears to have resolved the issue on my Pixel 6a, however on my Lenovo Tab K10 tablet I had to uninstall the Tidal app and install the previous version (2.66.0) from APK Mirror (apkmirror.com) to get Tidal Connect to work.

(This only appears to affect my Nova and Mu-so QB2, as Tidal Connect continued to work with my Chromecast devices.)

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OH MAN, thank you!!! I installed the older version of Tidal and it works again :slight_smile:

No idea how, though, as Atom still does NOT show Tidal in “Available audio inputs”. But at least it finally plays. Thanks again @Ansible212 !!!

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Just reinstall Tidal…Tidal is the culprit.

I uninitiated and reinstalled the latest version and it didn’t fix the issue. The older version did. (I haven’t tried updating to the latest version, however.)

That’s because there is no Tidal input in that sense. There wouldn’t even have to be a Spotify input, but I believe the Spotify Connect licensing requires an input sporting the logo. Other than that, Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect work in similar ways. Main difference is that you can also control Tidal directly from the Naim app (which you can’t with Spotify).

Thx Ansible212 for your suggestions on Pixel 6a, I will try it for Pixel 6. Lost Tidal Connect with latest Android Update.

Excellent, clearing storage on Pixel 6 solved also my problem. Tidal Connect works again with Muso Qb 2.

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