Tidal Connect

Example when used with Roon

Support for formats upto 24/96 is supported, along with gapless playback.

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Thanks Clare.

Although academic in this case if there is no change to SQ, but is it possible to downgrade firmware on an ND555 as it was with the NDS?

I’m not sure it’s possible - and even if it were, we wouldn’t recommend it. Every release includes mandated updates from key partners (Apple, Google, TIDAL etc) - if you’re not running the latest firmware, there is a risk you could run into usability issues.

The info that is posted in the Beta room regarding this would make a great public FAQ. Some members seem to think you have a go with this


Is DSP firmware changes tightly coupled to application firmware changes? By which I mean are there times when application changes also force a DSP change?

If “no, not tightly coupled” then a great option would be to allow separate updates of either pieces. That way key partner updates can be taken without risk.

Any change to software can have a potential impact on sound quality, which is why we focus on ensuring it does not, through listening and further code changes if required. The same love and care is put into this as a hardware release.

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It must be my imagination but my ndx2 sounds better through tidal connect, the sound stage seems to have sharpened up. As I say, probably just imaginary.

Could be as simple as the reboot required for the update clearing some niggling issues in background!

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It is good to hear we have new firmware update.

But, Tidal connect only allows 16/44.1. It is so sad. Personally, Tidal connect is still meaningless. It is still forcing me to use Qobuz only or Roon. Anyway, minor issues fixing is awesome.

Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else but will using Tidal Connect sound better than streaming Qobuz which I assume will be via chrome cast? Currently I am using Qobuz which I quite like but if Tidal via Connect is going to sound better I might switch back to Tidal.
Streaming Tidal previously only seemed to go to hifi resolution, not higher like Qobuz or am I getting this wrong? Thanks

Most of this is literally just a few posts up, but anyway:

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Thanks for this - bit too rushed to read the whole thread as I have just got in from work and have to dash out again in a few minutes.
I am probably being dim here then but what is the best way to stream hi res to my Uniti Star from either Tidal or Qobuz?

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Didn’t mean you have to read all 392 posts of the thread :slight_smile: Just saying that these questions were asked within the last hour or so, and not many posts further up :wink:

From Tidal: The best you can get is the first MQA unfold with Roon (or something similar external). In Tidal, MQA is the only way to get something resembling hi-res (with downsides) and Naim does not do MQA.

From Qobuz: For sound quality, from within the Naim app (log into Qobuz in the Naim app), or Roon if so inclined. Not Chromecast for the reason stated in the above link


I moved from Tidal to Qobuz to stream on my NDX 2 when it became available in the US. I did a side by side comparison for 30 days and felt Qobuz sounded better and had access to Hi-Res files that are not available on Tidal. Qobuz was also $5.00 a month less expensive then Tidal so it was a not a touch decision. Recently I have changed to a Yearly subscription at the ‘Studio’ level since I do not make download purchases directly from Qobuz. Some members here do subscribe to the Sublime level where they receive discounted rates when purchasing albums.

I also am not interested in MQA and since Tidal was pursuing that technology was also another reason to move to Qobuz. So with Naim Streamers you will only see CD quality (44/16) and not Hi-Res.

I’ve found Qobuz best for hi res on-line streaming, but local ripping CDs on a Uniti Core and steaming to be best.

Then I still use Tidal as quite a bit on my music isn’t on Qobuz :roll_eyes:.

So I also use Roon to make the management of all of that much easier.

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Are there any steps required to get the Tidal Connect option to show on my iPad or iPhone? My ND555 has updated correctly to I start the Tidal app on my iPad. I select a track and hit play. I then select the icon to broadcast. I only get the option to connect via AirPlay & Bluetooth. A Tidal Connect option never appears. Thanks.

Update: In the Apple Settings, I had to go to the Tidal app and enable Access to my Network. Now all is good. Thanks

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Should be as simple as this:

  1. In the TIDAL app, open the “Now Playing” screen while playing a song.
  2. On the “Now Playing” screen, look for the speaker icon.
  3. Choose a TIDAL Connect enabled product from the list. It’s that simple.

I would suggest you restart your phone/tablet and then relaunch the Tidal App. Please also check you’re running the latest (.22) version of the Naim App on your devices.


Thank you. I was wondering if Tidal Connect would improve quality but seems not. That is how I am using Qobuz through the Naim app but wanted to make sure this was the best way. Thank you for clarifying

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Same issue as you with my Atom even after checking all network permissions, software checks and restarts… have contacted support…

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Everything is working fine on my NDX 2 after the update. I am happy I can switch between Tidal connect and Tidal on the Naim app.
But, I am struggling to see what Tidal connect brings to the table? I find Tidal in the Naim app to be very well implemented.