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@Naim.Marketing I’ve updated and found that the Naim app(2.22) on Android continues serving Tidal. Is it ok? I’ve heard that after the update Tidal will be restricted in the Naim app.

I really like how clean and snappy Tidal Connect works from the Tidal app on my Macbook too. Clearly better as Chromecast and it seems to sound better too but that could be imaginary.
So again, very happy with this update! :ok_hand:t2:

Hi @Pauel, there will be no restrictions to any of the Naim app functionality/features.


Hi all,

Update went very smoothly on ND555.

Thank you to all the team @ Naim, the Beta guys and Clare for keeping us all in the loop!

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Hi Clare,

I’m quite disappointed to hear this. I can listen to Masters Quality music from Tidal via the Naim app, but not via Tidal Connect??

The music will be streamed directly from my Nova from Tidal without going through my iPhone, so why is this not supported?

Will this be implemented in the future?

So people ask why you want to use the Tidal App above the Naim app. For me it’s the suggestions from Tidal to discover new music, the suggested playlists and the user interface.

Hope it will be implemented.



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First of all - thanks to Naim and the development / testing people for getting this out there. Also, well done to you Clare for keeping the wheel turning. The feedback loop works!

For reference my Uniti Star needed to be re-paired with my app. Not a gripe since it took less than a minute but feedback only.

Tidal connect is really big for me. I don’t even care about SQ (unless it goes down :slight_smile: ) this is about convenience. Roon is a fantastic piece of software but the in-app extras that Tidal have (my mixes, My Daily discovery etc.) are ingrained in my day and now I have the luxury (because that’s what it is) of managing that from my chair.

Anyway. This is a big value add update for me and I am grateful (despite the wait :smiley:)

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No you can’t. Well, you can listen to albums labeled “Masters” but what you get is a 16/44 CD quality stream (at best). Same whether you use the Naim app or Tidal Connect

I’m not for one second doubting that. :grinning:

However as I mentioned, on my NDS I really did not like the 4.6 firmware. To be frank to my ears it sounded terrible, even after I spent a month listening to it trying to convince myself it was better…

Thankfully I was able to roll back to the 4.4 firmware which I loved. I’m sure the Naim team fully tested 4.6 and were happy with the SQ - so we disagreed.

What worries me is if the same scenario occurs with my ND555: Naim team sign off the update, I don’t like it and have no means to roll back. I doubt I’m the only one concerned about that possibility.

Fascinating that firmware plays a role in the SQ. My limp mind still struggles a bit to understand. So now we’ve moved into the framework - I have model X streamer, this powercord, this interlink and this firmware:crazy_face:

I think it’s the TIDAL app that for some reason doesn’t support it. Roon, does gapless. And so does the mConnect app (which can be used to play TIDAL gapless). Another “trick” is to connect to the Chromecast from the Google Home app and not the TIDAL app itself. With this latter one though, I don’t know if this would have the same issue as their Chrome browser implementation, see the Audio Science Review post on the CCA.

I’m aware of that, but can’t say I’ve ever been able to detect a difference, so was quite happy to use Chromecast (until now).

Pretty difficult to say as they both often have different masters which will make a far bigger difference than any connecting technology. See this post by @Stevesky: Tidal and MQA (oh no, not again) - #166 by Stevesky

It would be interesting if someone could find a few songs that are identical to do a blind test with.

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Gapless: All I’m reading everywhere is that Chromecast can’t do gapless, or poorly. In any case, I don’t think the Qobuz app with Chromecast can, which I think was the question. I was not aware that Roon can Chromecast, but if using Roon the question I answered would not be an issue, anyway

SQ: yes, I did say “may”

Roon can play gapless on Chromecast from what I’ve read, as do a few other apps I can’t recall. And also the other “tricks”, which unlike Roon are free, can be used with Qobuz. Connecting via Google Home or using the mConnect app instead of directly from the Qobuz app.

Now of course I don’t know how they do it, one possible explanation is that they just present a continuous stream instead of individual tracks, but that shouldn’t matter for the end user.

SQ: I also said I wasn’t able to detect it. Others might have more revealing systems or simply better ears.

I’d guess that what you wrote in the second para is indeed what happens in these solutions.

About the SQ, I leave that up to Steve :slight_smile: There are better solutions than Chromecast, so I don’t bother with it

Is it not possible to alter playback volume using Tidal connect? My NDX 2 is set up for system automation and I can adjust volume from Tidal via Naim app but when accessing from Tidal app the volume slider bar has no effect nor do the controls on either iPhone or iPad ?

Hi Chris, and welcome to the Forums!

I would suggest you fully reboot your iPhone and iPad and then relaunch the TIDAL App.

@Naim.Marketing Hello once again!

I’ve found that Tidal native is unable to wake up an nd5xs2. Another issue is that sometimes Tidal native requires several attempts to connect to the streamer. Whilst it is pondering, no playback is possible.
I should admit that Spotify works better than Tidal native, as it does not have any of the issues above.
Who is responsible for these issues?

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To the Naim team, thanks so much for this update, Tidal sounds just amazing, voiced just like the Naim app so congrats to the team. Claire thanks for your patience from all our prodding and questions (myself included) throughout this upgrade cycle. Well done all.


Not seeing reports of these issues. May just be a connection issue - as ever, i’d try rebooting everything, including your Naim and control devices (phone/tablet) to check everything is starting from fresh.

24 hours in and I’m loving it, thanks again Naim!! Celebrating a certain

30th anniversary with it too!