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In the last day or so Tidal is connecting via Chromecast and not Tidal Connect. Is there an issue, or am I doing something wrong? On a Unit Atom. Cheers Aidan

Working fine here. Maybe check the Atom is on the same network? Or the off and on is worth a go.

Thankfully it was just a glitchy app. Uninstalled & reinstalled Tidal. Tidal Connect back as an option. Phew!

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And it’s failed again. Tidal only wants to connect via Chromecast. Reinstalled app, and no change. The version of Tidal in the naim app seems to work ok. Hmmm

I’m having the same problem with the Tidal app on my iPhone and iPad to my NAC N-272. Tidal doesn’t see the 272 at all. Spotify does, though.

I don’t think the first generation streamers - including your 272 - got the Tidal Connect functionality. Forgive me if I’ve misread your message, but you can only stream Tidal via the Naim app. Is that working for you?

Well, now that you mention it…thanks Alan! That’s it. Hope my comment didn’t cause any confusion for others.

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Hi again
Still having issues with Tidal Connect. It’s not showing as an input option when scrolling through on the Atom. Plays ok through the Naim app, but the Tidal app only sees Chromecast as an option. Firmware is up to date. Tried rebooting.
Any ideas?
Cheers, Aidan

I’ve noticed this too with my Nova. I suspect Chromecast and Tidal Connect cannot co-exist, as whenever Tidal Connect is in use the Nova is unavailable in the Google Home app on my devices, although availability of Tidal Connect is also inconsistent between devices.

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