Tidal Connect

I stream Tidal to my Uniti Star via Tidal Connect but recently the connection has started to drop out, leaving the Star to continue to pay as if it has a mind of its own. My fix is to shut everything down and star again.
Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Do you mean the connection between the Tidal app and your device, does the music stutter, or something else? Perhaps you can describe in more detail what exactly is happening?

What does it play when this happens? Music from Tidal, or something else?

Could it be that a family member is also playing Tidal, not realising that it is outputting to the Star?

I know this can happen with Spotify Connect, I assume the same can happen with Tidal.


Tidal can be happily playing via Tidal Connect through either my iPhone 14 or iPad to the Uniti Star player but often when I go back into the Tidal app Tidal has ‘stalled’ on a particular track but the player continues to play tracks further along the playlist. At times like these the only way I can reconnect Tidal to the player is to shut down both the app and the player. Very frustrating!
Any suggestions mos welcome

It carries on playing the album or playlist I was playing!
Quite how it knows what tracks lie ahead once Tidal drops out / disconnects I have no idea?

No, that’s no the case

You can reconnect the app and it will pick up where the streamer is. If the app is still connected just switch it to the local (or any other) device and then reconnect to the streamer.

I suspect it might be your devices battery optimisation feature. I’m not sure how that works on Apple devices.

Tidal Connect will tell the Tidal server what you have chosen to play. So a lost connection on your home network will not delete the tracks that Tidal has queued for you - at least not immediately. So if the connection between the Tidal server and your streamer is reinstated it’s possible that play can then resume.

As Chris said, the app just tells it what to play. The streamer talks directly to Tidal.

Mine does similar and says the streamer has stopped responding. Restarting the app usually reconnects and shows what’s playing. Music continues throughout.

Happy new year!
Tidal connect is not working. When I link (Ipad/Iphone) with Naim Atom HE, it doesn’t want to play. It remains silent.
What to do???
p.s. this is a problem cca. last 2 months. (should I revoke account on Tidal or what?)

try to log out of both the tidal app and logk out of tidal in the Naim naim. Log back in in both apps. This will often solve these kind of problems.
Connect worked fine here yesterday.

thank you!