Tidal daily discovery

Does anyone else using Tidal get weird behaviour (sporadically) from the My Daily Discovery playlist?

Yesterday I listened to a single classical piece, in amongst the usual plethora of other genres.

Today’s suggestions…. 100% classical, nothing else!

Not the first time and very annoying, as the daily discovery is usually a really handy place for jumping off down the rabbit hole to discover new albums :sob:

I listen to jazz, mostly, and I’ve never had 100% jazz recommended. Or even 50% now I think about it. A mystery.

Where might I find the Tidal Daily Discovery? I’ve never even heard of it before and just had a look and couldn’t find such a thing.

On the home page, there should be a section called ‘for you’. It’s normally the first item there for me.

Tidal usually gives custom mixes too. I get 8. These are split by genre and include some stuff I’ve played with some new suggestions too.

I’m not impressed with all the hi-res chaos, but suggesting good things to listen to is one thing I think Tidal does much better than Qobuz.

Only on Tidal app. The naim app doesn’t show a number of Tidal personal playlists. I recall on the forums naim said they aren’t exposed by API, although other apps such as Bubble display them fine (perhaps some under the covers workaround).

This is the main feature of Tidal which I use every day.

My Daily Discovery is now slowly coming back to life. Yesterday was still mostly classical, but with one folk, one metal selection and a Bob Dylan track……

Something has broken the Tidal algorithm, just not sure what it was! My only theory at this point was perhaps I left it playing a classical track and muted for a work call (not stopping). Tidal then would play another “similar” track, which can be a good way to discover new music. Maybe it was doing this in background for a few hours and so now thinks I’m a classical addict.

Today it suggests only 10 tracks, 7 classical and three others (including a random Dolly Parton!!!). We shall see how it recovers into the week when I use it in the office.

The My New Arrivals looks much more as expected. It is tracks from artists I’d mostly be interested in, as the Daily Discovery used to be!

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Thanks IainO,
You’ve explained why I couldn’t find it as I’ve never used a Tidal app.
I use the Naim app.

Your NDX2 supports Tidal Connect, which means that you can use the Tidal app to control the streamer etc. and access daily discovery.

Alternatively if you prefer to use the Naim app, you can save any daily discovery playlist as a favourite in the Tidal app. Then it will appear in the Naim app too.

OK thanks for explaining that.
I’m happy with the music I have already and tend to “discover” new music when I listen to Radio Paradise, so I’m not really too fussed about such suggestions.
I’m sure the logarithms have improved but I do recall something on Apple iTunes (or similar) saying things such as “because you like David Bowie, we think you’ll like Tammy Wynette” or some such silliness.

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