Tidal - Dolby Atmos

So available today, not had chance to try but boasts great things and is going head on with Sony 360 which I tried and do not like.

You need Tidal Hifi and a compatible phone, believe Android only.

Sony 360 is terrible.

Ok tried Dolby Atmos again very limited content still weird it not as bad as Sony 360.

I wonder with a proper Dolby Atoms setup speaker wise what it sounds like.

Well unless you have a surround setup, it means little. And whether your surround setup is equal to your dedicated stereo setup is important too.

Few, if any albums are mixed for ATMOS.

I was listening to an Elton John concert last night in 5.1 DTS, very enjoyable …but, some interesting choices in some placement.

Personally I prefer stereo. I can only see Atmos further muddying the audio waters.

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