Tidal don't play in Linn Kazoo app

I¨m trying to get Tidal play to my NDX via bubbleupnp on my Synology nas. I see and logging in to Tidal in the app, but when I press play nothing happening.
Settings is open renderer.
Java is installed
minimserver is installed
ffmpeg is installed
In Synology, userhome is set.
What am I missing?

/ Anders

It’s probably best to start by providing screenshots of your Bubble config.

Here is at least one scrrenshot from bubblesettings.

I don’t understand this.

You can adjust the following settings.
Qobuz Quality: 24/192
Decode audio to PCM: set to ‘all’ - this will transcode FLAC to WAV.
Max Supported sample rate: 192

Done that. No difference.

Is that really necessary? From reading that it sounds like to get Tidal working through Kazoo you need an Android device to log into Tidal in bubbleupnp first. So if you don’t have anAndroid device?
It is all working fine for me here though I do have Android devices.

Do you see your NDX in Kazoo’s list of rooms? This is what it looks like for my devices

Hello. Yes I can see the NDX (Vardagsrum)
But I don’t have any androiddevice.

That looks OK, the device is showing and you’ve clearly logged in to Tidal in Kazoo. @jmtennapel quoted from the bubbleupnp server changelog here and from reading that it does sound like you need to log in to bubbleupnp app on an Android device first in order to use Kazoo. Unless any ios users know otherwise?

An update on the issue.
I ditched tidal and went for qubus instead. That did the trick. Now I’m playing from synology nas, bubble and minimserver and linn kazoo is the controllapp.

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