Tidal drop outs with

I’m starting to get drop outs with my Qute. I have it connected via Ethernet but via Apple Airport Express used as a bridge. Haven’t had issues prior to the past few days. Any suggestions?

Seems to be a router or modem isssue. Internet speeds are normally in the 130s. After drop outs and I perform speed test the speeds are in 20s or 30s.

20MB is still much more than you need to stream Tidal. Maybe the fluctuations are wider than your speed tests are showing, or perhaps there is also a latency issue. Probably worth asking your ISP to do some checks for you.

Me too, and i am running a wired connection at >100Mbps

I have been facing drop outs too lately (since the start of the year) after more than a year of flawless performance. I am starting lose my patience… as great TIDAL otherwise is as an add-on beside vinyl replay.

This may have nothing to do with your problem but the Tidal dropouts I suffered in 2017 only started happening when Virgin upgraded my modem to a Hub 3. It turns out there is a known issue with an Intel chip which Virgin and some other providers use in their modems.

Quote from website link below:
At he root of all this is the fact that the somewhat weak CPU (processor) inside the modem component of Virgin’s router (Puma 6) was taking on too much work while processing network packets, which caused the chipset to run a high-priority maintenance task every few seconds. Sadly this extra workload ended up causing momentary latency spikes (increases of 200 milliseconds+), plus a little packet loss.


My issue was resolved when I reverted to the Hub 2 which meant I lost the 300Mbs service but in reality I cannot tell any difference in real terms to the 100Mbs I’ve got now as most sites don’t support anywhere near that speed.

For info there was a thread about this on the old site (now available) and there may well be some more info on there. Found it:

Yes, if you are genuinely needing to use Wifi in a point to point mode, it’s really important that both ends of the point to point link are set up in Ad-hoc mode for network latency reliability… this is a specific mode of Wifi operation that allows effective point to point transfer. Not all consumer Wifi devices support this.
If you use wifi in regular broadcast mode there are two many variables imposed and latency delays for effective Ethernet communication and unreliability is introduced for many applications… you may be fine for a while then drop outs, and then fine again etc… it appears you are experiencing text book results… congratulations :grinning:

If you connect Ethernet to the Naim it expects Ethernet performance, and your Wifi ‘bridge’ will be confusing it, so your Naim won’t be working optimally for your home network setup. even in Adhoc mode there is an increased risk of latency related issues, but it’s reduced.
If you connect Wifi to your Naim it adjusts its internal network performance dynamics to more reliably work with Wifi as opposed to Ethernet.

Therefore if you want to use regular broadcast Wifi, then you should connect directly to the Naim with Wifi, failing that and you definitely want a Wifi bridge, then you must set it up as such and use two dedicated access points that can properly support point to point connectivity, one for each end of the bridge, and configure both end in Ad-hoc mode. No other Wifi devices will be able to connect to this ‘bridge’.

To the other posts, dropouts are not really linked to the link rate of your internet access, unless critically low of course, but is down to latency.
The first generation streamers had limited network transport buffering as well as very limited application media buffereing and were more prone to latency related dropouts. Often the solution has been to use a proxy server, such as BubbleUPnP Server, with larger transport layer buffering. The new streamer architecture is much improved here, and I have now dispensed with my old proxy server, and experience no dropouts.

They fixed that in firmware eventually. Has on mine anyway. I found the hub2 to be really unreliable with my 200mb connection.

It’s strange that your Hub2 caused problems whereas mine has worked fine but as Simon mentioned in the old thread there are so many things that can affect the connection.

I’m loathe to try a Hub3 again in case the problems come back, maybe I’ll get Virgin back if they ever release a Hub4…

20s should be more than enough I agree. It happened again last night and I was able to perform a speed test immediately. I could not get a connection. Once I did get s connection it maxed out at 14 and dropped to 0 during the test. Ended test at 11. It has to be my router or modem crapping out. At least that’s my thought. I will call my provider and hopefully get them to check the issue.

Good luck!

Just a thought but my kid hasn’t said anything about video games stopping. The PS4 is connected wireless. As a test I have video games, Netflix, Sonos playing pandora and tidal on my 272 playing at same time. If/when the drop out occurs with my 272 I would expect the others to have an issue as well if it is the router. We’ll wait and see what happens.

Perhaps, but is your 272 playing Tidal lossless rather than Spotify?
As I understand it, TV can automatically be streamed at a reduced quality to preserve the connection as the available bandwidth reduces, whereas 16/44 audio doesn’t do this.
Hopefully, your ISP can get to the bottom of the problem, if it’s caused by very slow and variable speeds, and dropouts.

Yes I am playing Tidal.

No not necessarily - as per my post above about latency and first generation Naim streaming architectures.

Can you run a latency log on your router? This is what my BT Superfast FTTC latency looks like - and I have no drop outs - albeit I am on the next generation of Naim streamer

The drop out issue seems to come and go. I’ve had drop outs in the past that would happen for weeks at a time then would clear up for months at a time. This issue seems to be the same. Example last weekend I had my stereo on all day long. Never a single drop out. Now for the last few days I can’t get through 2-4 songs before drop outs occur. That said this morning I’m 6 songs in, live Dead and Company songs so long, and no drop outs as of yet. It’s frustrating especially since I’m not the most technical person. Just enough to be dangerous. Maybe/hopefully it’s just an issue with my provider.

Not sure if I can run a log like that or not. I have an Apple Airport Extreme and an Airport Express to run my Qute off of.

ahh - yes i think you will be limited… i dont know your ISP, but have they a router you can try instead? Some of the better ISPs have diagnostics built into their routers so if you report an issue they can be more accurately investigated

I will contact them if/when the issue arises again. Fingers crossed but so far so good today.

Hi all, over the past two weeks my Tidal has been dropping out constantly, lucky to get through five tracks before drop out, some times can’t even get through a single track.Speed test is fine. NDX hard wired in, all other devises are fine.

Three years with no issues and now this, could Tidal be having issues themselves?

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For my sake I hope so. I’m driving myself nuts worrying about a network issue. Lol

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