Tidal Error login

unexpectedly Tidal no longer recognizes me; from internet tidal works great; but from the naim app it no longer recognizes me; tried reset, firmware, change password… nothing
Please help me …

I read the previous topic and no one was able to solve it, if I understand correctly naim intervened directly with tidal …

Which component, and what’s the firmware version?

Firmware 4.6.00
Model 172xs-545a

You need to update the firmware. See other posts on the subject. It’s not a Naim issue. Tidal changed things over a year ago. I’m assuming from the number of posts over the past week that any “grace” period for the changeover to the new Tidal login authentication has expired :-). Once you update the firmware on the Naim device, you may still have to logout on the Naim app and then re-login to Tidal before everything works.

But 4.6.00 is the last update on naim website?!

Is the app that doesn’t work, not the streamer, I cant understand why I should update firmware…

You’ll need to update to Fw 4.8

The product web page on the Naim website is out of date. Look on the Updates page and you’ll see 4.8 available for download. Without it you will have problems with Tidal.

It’s because the Naim app talks to the streamer but it’s the streamer that talks to Tidal. Tidal changed their authentication method and that’s why there is the need to update the firmware to 4.8

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Thanks a lot
Now is all working
Firmware 4.8 is now installed
The strange think is than on naim.it the last firmware is 4.6 !!! That was the mistake …

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