TIDAL from Naim app no connection

Somebody else experiencing similar issue with Naim app and TIDAL? Access to TIDAL app is ok from the same Ipad.

Yes, just been trying to log in and I get the same error message.

Same here

Can’t access my Tidal account!

For what it’s worth I can add that my tidal account through Lindemann app works so it must be on Naims end there is an issue.

Same here…

Using upnp and internet radio from Naim app works just fine.
I’ve sent a message to Naim support.

Just got in from work and no Tidal,…….great :man_facepalming:

Try Tidal Connect or a non Apple device.

Thanks, I’ve resorted to the good old NAS until a fix is found! :wink:

Perhaps Naim forgot to pay their Tidal subscription this month

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Same here.

Had the same issue and just resolved a few minutes ago.

Working again.

I had the same, thought it was just cos I got new phone. Turned off all streamers and QB2 on my network at mains, then relaunched app (actually reinstalled first didn’t help)
Then could log in again
Hope this helps

In the other thread, Naim explained that Tidal fixed their problem.