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Happy Sunday to you all.
Can any of you explain why when I select Tidal through Naim app, I only get 30second samples rather than whole tracks. This is so whether it be on playlists or whole albums.
However when I make the same selection via the Tidal app I can have the whole track.

Is it me?

I should add that I pay the full £19.99 for premium service.
Thanks for your answers.


Hi Tony. Seems to me that the Naim gear is not recognising your plan correctly.
Did you check if you set your username and password for Tidal in the Naim app completely?


That’s what happens when it thinks you’re not logged in. Try logging out of Tidal in the Naim app then in again

Tries that. No different.

Anyone else have any thoughts please?

Have you tried logging out of the tidal app and then logging into the naim app? Are you logged into tidal on more than 1 device?

I did. I can see my playlists etc. So it connects to my account.
Very confused :joy:

Yes. I’m logged in on both iPad and iPhone.

I expect it will work in one app on one device only. Every other time you login you will get 30 sec samples only.

I never had a problem being logged in on both mobile and tablet, neither with Tidal nor Qobuz. Single-user account.

As far as I am aware, 30 secs sample is an id/login issue, or the subscription has ended. The op needs to check this.

Thanks all. I’m gonna try using only one device for tidal use. Probably iPad for ease.

I’m logged in with Tidal with 3 I devices and Naim app. All working fine.

Certainly, as already suggested further up. I am just saying that being logged in (properly) on two mobiles should not be the cause.

You can be logged in on multiple devices, but if you try to initiate play on a device when active on more apps than your subscription permits, it doesn’t work.
First I would log in on Tidal’s website and check that your account is working, no failed payment etc.
The log out of Tidal on all apps, check your Naim streamer firmware and app version are up to date, and log back in.

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Good call :+1:

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