Tidal only playing 30secs

When I search for new music on Tidal it only plays 30 secs of the song, any ideas on how to rectify the issue?



Have you signed into Tidal on several different devices or apps? If you have exceeded the number allowed on your account, you may need to sign out on another device before you are allowed in.

No, I’m only signed in on my iPad playing through the Naim app.


Dalmation, sorry to thick, but isn’t that 2 sign ins? iPad and Naim app, could be misunderstood though, good luck

I ask because a 30 second clip is usually what you get if you play a track on Tidal without a valid account. Try signing out of Tidal in the Naim app, then signing in again. Also check that you are not using any non-standard characters that the Naim app can’t handle, in which case you would need to go to the Tidal website and change your password.

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No, I’m signed into Tidal through the Naim app.


I signed out and back in that seemed to sort the problem, thanks for your help.



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