Tidal HiFi Plus

I have a Uniti Star through which I currently stream Tidal HiFi .
Will I notice any difference if I upgrade to Tidal HiFi Plus?
Advice gratefully received

Tidal won’t serve you MQA coded music unless your streamer is MQA compliant, which no Naim streamer is, so the main difference you would notice is that your bank account would be slightly more reduced each month.

I downgraded from Plus to normal HiFi a while ago and have not noticed a single difference in quality or function.


Thanks for the advice, David. That’s £120pa saved then!

Thanks for replying. I won’t bother then.

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I just read the owner of MQA is trying to get rid of his stockings…….bad sign??

MQA has gone into receivership, so it’s likely the end, or the beginning of the end.

It’s always sad to see a business starting the beginning of an end, but MQA was a shortcut with fees not embraced by all manufacturers, and a solution we never asked or desired.

Deleted, please remove.

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Deleted, please remove.

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I am really looking forward to it and I am a little excited:
A couple of years ago I preferred the Tidal app and some other aspects.
But because of the lack of hi-res Flac files, I decided switching to Qobuz, after buying my Uniti Atom.
If Tidal now offers an alternative to MQA for hi-res, I will definitely consider switching back.

Tidal hires FLAC might be the push we needed to add an ND5XS2 onto the SuperUniti in the office. We have a workaround for Tidal connect, but the allure of hires via a naim streamer might prove too great…

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I have the venerable NDX, love the sound it makes, but I am in the process of adding the Primare NP5 Mk2 to update the streamer end.
Nowt wrong with the DAC end of the NDX. A cost effective upgrade.

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