Tidal HiFi vs Tidal HiFi Plus

Hi guys, I have a doubt.
I listen to music with Uniti Atom and Mu-so 2nd generation.
Does it make sense to subscribe to Tidal Hi-Fi Plus or is a “simple” Hi-Fi enough? For example, it seems to me that MQA on Naim doesn’t work.


MQA isn’t supported by Naim, but Tidal have recently announced that there will be a new lossless HiRes streaming option so when that arrives you may want to check what subscriptions they offer in your location. For now, the regular 16/44.1 option would be the best.

Same as Qobuz then?:thinking:

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But very soon Tidal will launch Flac Hires, for Tidal hifi plus subscribers.

“ Currently, HiRes FLAC is available to HiFi Plus subscribers who are a part of our Early Access Program. We look forward to launching this audio format to all HiFi Plus subscribers later this summer. Stay tuned for updates!"

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And will it be a Naim compatible upgrade?

@TonyManero why not just use Qobuz who offer HiRes now? I have had no problems with it and think the sound quality was better vs Tidal when I compared them both a couple of years back.


In terms of which albums are available in exactly which format I suspect you will find it to be very similar to what Qobuz now offer. As for pricing in your region, you’ll just have to wait and see. I suspect it may require at least a minor tweak to Naim firmware.

Yes, with the new generation streamers, as your atom.

After 5 years of Tidal for one year I had Qobuz. The sound is excellent but in my opinion the library is crap the way it is organised, there are mixed artists there is no separation between live records, compilations, studio albums, it’s all a mess for me it’s unbearable. I prefer Tidal.


You are right, Qobuz is a complete shambles when viewed from either the Qobuz or Naim app. Roon reorganises it into browsable lists that at least are fit for purpose.


I’m with qobuz till at least march but if I could get the same sound quality from tidal for similar cost to studio subscription (I’ve forgotten the tidal tier costs since I’ve only done a free trial with them) I’d definitely consider jumping ship for the better app.

Tidal HiFi Plus is great for the Hi-Res MQA historically and will be available to far more people when they roll out Hi-Res in FLAC.
The Tidal App is excellent and very easy to navigate and use.


I listen Tidal Hi-Fi Plus with NAC272/250DR PMC 24. Surprising quality from time to time.
Issues are:

  1. The Naim app does not indicate which songs are in hi-fi Plus, only the Tidal app does.
  2. Only part of the material on Tidal is in Hi-Fi Plus. So most of the time you listen to normal Hi-Fi “CD-quality” even with a Plus subscription.

Tidal will automatically send you a regular 16/44.1 stream because it will recognise that your Naim streamer doesn’t support MQA, so a HiFi plus subscription will do nothing for you over a regular Tidal HiFi sub.

That’s not what I’m seeing.

Although, looking at the compilations, there must be more than 2 albums.

i use the Android Tidal beta and just received the FLAC update,

Interestingly the audio setting allow:
Low - 96kbps
High - 16 bit/44.1
Max - 2/192

I decided to clear the cache and all downloaded playlists and albums and start over downloading as I had a mixed bad of MQA, Atmos.

MQA seems no more … and no clue what actual quality the track being played is …

Unfortunately Through Naim and Tidal Connect only up to 16bit 44.1khz capped. Hope Naim update.

I use standard Tidal hifi on my Qb, I’m sure the quality has improved recently. More organic.

Edited - now listening to Jeff Beck at Ronnie’s, and I think it might be better than the vinyl or CD on the main system. What’s going on?

Oops at the moment I was purely thinking about the mobile app and headphones and did not think about the Naim connect functionality.

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The release notes of Tidal say:

“Max – High fidelity lossless audio up to 24-bit, 192 kHz with HiRes FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and Master Quality Authenticated audio (MQA).”

So, it can be one of the two, or both. It doesn’t say if both options are offered and how you can select either one. No time to dig in right now, but I’ll listen to some tracks which I know was MQA on Tidal before and see what the app says when playing back on the computer.