Hi all. I have an NDX2 and subscribe to TIDAL.

Is there any need for TIDAL HiFi + service? I am not sure if the NDX2 can play any of the higher res formats so would the lower cost HIFi subscription give me the max quality the NDX2 can achieve?

Many thanks

Discussed here:

Your NDX2 will actually automatically downstream Tidal HiFi+ music to CD quality (HiFi). As you know the purchase of an NDX2 gives you 3 months trial of HiFi+. So if you decide to stream Tidal directly to your NDX2 at the end of your Freebie, you may as well just go for HiFi (unless you want some of the other feature of HiFi+ around artists payments etc). What I have never been sure of is what happens if you downgrade to HiFi during the free trial. Does it just downgrade or does it stop the free trial - so I would just leave it alone until the trial is finished

If you use Roon with tidal on your NDX2 your good for HIFi+

Any downgrade is activated at the beginning of the next billing cycle if I’m not mistaken. Naively speaking that would be at the end of the free trial (or more accurately, at the beginning of your first payed period) if you don’t unsubscribe. Why not just try? :innocent:

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