Tidal Is Very Annoying


Away from home at the moment I’m using Tidal on my iPad. Good in as much in that I can listen to my play lists, and favourites etc but if I play a play list or an album it then on finishing very annoyingly rather than letting me decide what I might like to listen to next it decides what I might like to hear.

First world problem but very annoying!



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That sounds very much like the Radio feature in Roon. I find it quite useful, but if you find the Tidal version annoying, then you’ll probably find you can disable that feature in the app settings.

I hate that with a vengeance, because invariably it is NOT what I want to hear next, and depending on my mood, it can be very jarring to have something else uneanted just at that point.

(As James_n noted, ”Roon Radio” does that – and in my first trial of Roon It irritated me considerably until I found if could be switched off.)

This is an oft quoted statement that I think is ridiculous and I don’t understand why people say it in most instances. On this occasion, it’s wholly forgivable is at least you are the OP saying it’s about your own post, but it is highly unpleasant when someone else says it about a persons problem. This forum and indeed hifi by their very nature are first world things, so any problems with them are first world problems, whether something like your issue, or the whole kit blowing up and burning down half of your home!

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I have the same problem with the BBC.

I can be quite happy listening to the Archers, all of a sudden I’m virtually forced to listen to the theme tune at the end, which I don’t really like. :blush:


They all seem to do it……Apple does according to my ol’ lady……

What’s in a name… Tidal has its ups and downs.


Argh thanks. However, don’t seem to have a cartwheel.

I find these things come in waves.


Just find the settings area it’s changed in latest app.

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Horses for courses.

Personally I find this feature quite helpful. I start the “My New Arrivals” playlist, skip the ones I don’t like and then Tidal continues to play random selections. Helps with the goal of discovering one new artist a day.

Same when an album finishes - something “similar” comes on, I might like it or I might not. Quite often I zone out or drift off into work and suddenly think “that’s good, what is it?”.

Our biggest problem with Tidal is the algorithms for daily playlists and My Mix 1-8 don’t cope very well with the fact we use websites, forum posts, recommendations etc. to browse and listen across many styles of music. The feeds get very muddled. “My Daily Discovery” seems to revert to just showing ”popular” tracks (today Bjork is apparently an artist we need to “discover”). There’s one artist on there I haven’t listened to, so limited success I suppose. The feed is far too heavily weighted towards listening over last 24 hours. SWMBO was out on Wednesday evening, so yesterday’s feed was almost exclusively death/doom metal and grindcore. Unhelpful.

Thank you guys, fixed.

Depends on where the moon is….

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