Tidal issues

Is anyone experiencing lagging issues on Tidal music via the Naim iphone app? It just pauses for 3 to 30 seconds every few minutes. I tried everything. Rebooting the Naims, software update, factory reset and also rebooting wifi. I have a NAC 272 + NAP 300. And a separate second SuperUniti system. Same problem on both. No problems streaming Spotify or iRadio from the Naim app :frowning:
Ps. Tidal plays ok from the Tidal app via Bluetooth. The problems above are when i play Tidal from the Naim app.

I think the standard advice here is 1) make sure you have the latest app version and if you aren’t sure then delete it and reinstall. In any case stop the app and restart it. 2) Before you do that, log out of Tidal in the app and then log in again in the app once you have updated/restarted it.

Have you done the 4.8 update on 272 ?

Tidal not working now on NDX or 272 (21:00 UK time). Not sure what is going on. Done the usual restart of iPad and streamer, but no joy. I’ll investigate further and update later.

I’m seeing the same server errors from the desktop client and the web player. It’s a Tidal server issue or a server access issue from the UK.

Tried from here in The Netherlands. No issues.

Looks like Tidal is having some type of network outage. JZ forgot to pay the power bill.

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Looks related to issues with AWS over the past couple of days.

Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for update.

Back working now, but had to login in again (darn complex passwords). Clearly a Tidal problem.

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