Tidal Jackets

I was able to get tidal jacket data on tv but I had to use the Amazon fire stick to install the app on Samsung tv. I have a few questions

  1. Why can’t I use my phone to control the songs that play on Samsung tv. It’s like the phone isn’t talking to tv and acts independently when I’m using tidal on my phone ? I do have hdmi port on back of unity atom connected to arc on tv.

Jacket = cover art?
It’s not going to work; if you are logged in to 2 devices, neither one is aware what track is playing in tidal on the other device. They will work independently of each other.
Also, if tidal works like qobuz, you can’t use 2 devices simultaneously unless you have a multi user account. But these will still work independently of each other.

One option, but it’s going to cost money and your existing hardware might not support it (you will need a computer to run roon on your home network), is to use roon then with chrome browser on the tv (assuming that is supported) you can create a roon display.

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There’s also a Roon extension for Apple TV devices that shows some artwork and the track playing.

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