Tidal login on ND5 XS not working

My brother owns an ND5 XS running the most up to date firmware. It has developed a strange problem recently.
The Naim app does not accept his Tidal password when logging in. He cannot access Tidal. But, when he tries the same password directly on Tidal in a web browser, it works!
Any advice would be appreciated.

Additional details would be appropriate.

This issue has been covered a number of times recently, here on the forum.
What did search show up?
Up to date firmware - simply state the version.
App - which one, based on OS? Multiple control points and versions, again details?

In the meantime, try changing the password on web, avoiding strange characters, which have all been mentioned on previous threads. Then log completely out of Tidal on Naim app, close app, no need to delete but restarting the control point may help and then retry.

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The app controller is an ipad and an iPhone.

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