Tidal login

Seems all the other threads about tidal logins are closed so i cant use them.

I can login in on tidals web page or own app fine. I can add my tidal login details to the naim app on my android phone and all works fine. However for some reason i cant add my login details to the naim app on my chromebook. It used to work fine then i stopped using tidal for a while. Im now using it again but it always says “Chain validation failed” when i try to add my login details.

All the apps and firmware are current versions. Anyone know why the app on the chromebook now doesnt like my login details?

Ive tried clearing cache and uninstalling the app etc…

Could there be a limit to the number of devices a person can use to log in with at any one time?

Worked this out, seems the naim app doesn’t let me login to tidal unless I turn off my browsers adblocker.

Seems strange as I can log into tidal web player with the ad block on and I can log into Spotify on the naim app fine as well. But it won’t log in the naim app for tidal. I’ll just have to use the tidal app and the connect function instead then. I’m not disabling the ad block for one app to work.

Very odd. I would guess it’s unintentional and probably worth reporting to Naim support

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