Tidal Max not working on NSC 222

I am trying to stream Tidal Max but it streams in High only. It is set as Max in app settings and I have cleared the cache and force stopped app but the problem persists.

Using iPad Pro os 17.4.1 (21E236) MNXP3B/A.
Tidal app 2.108.0 build 6231
NSC 222 firmware 5.0.2 (7936)

Does anyone know what am doing wrong? Thanks.

Naim streamers cannot yet play high res from Tidal. Naim are working on a firmware update, which will appear in due course.

Thanks for the quick reply.

My dcs can play up MQA, however when an album tells you it’s max , sometimes it’s not be max, when you play it, it’s high , meaning , it’s not even max to began with , only high for that particular album , hope this helps

I had played many albums with stated it’s max , but when you play it it’s only high .

Nothing wrong with our streamers , it’s the providers :wink:

However , I am not sure I naim streamers w tidal . But many max stated in tidal but it’s high when you play it …

Same here with a NSS 333.
The only way to stream Tidal hi-res is to open Tidal app, select Airplay and then your Naim streamer in the drop down menu. Waiting for a firmware update.

Thanks. It works with AirPlay, however the sampling rate does not show on the 222 display.

There are several others ways, including mconnectLite, JPlay etc.

Including Roon as of the latest updates. You just have to update the Tidal service settings in Roon.

Settings | Services | Edit (Tidal), then change Streaming Quality to Max. If you don’t have Max in the list, try logging out from Tidal, then in again.

Thanks for the info.:pray:

Airplay is going to be 16/44.1 compressed AAC. You’re better off with the HiFi Tidal Connect route for now.

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Here a couple of screenshots from the Tidal app. If I select Tidal connect the app shows HIGH in green relative to the resolution.

Selecting Airplay the same track shows MAX in yellow

According to Tidal this are the rates when streaming via Wi-Fi

The same track played via the Focal Naim app shows a lower resolution.

I guess that Naim needs some software update to match with current Tidal HI-Fi

Hi … like I mentioned , some appears max but when you play it , its high

Tidal has this issue …

Weird I can’t upload pics , if not I can show you guys the issue

@Peppo62 yup , naim has not done so , and when they do , soma max /MQA you get from tidal , are actually high when you play them . Weird right ? :thinking:

Yes it is! Yesterday I’ve installed an update to my NSS 333, but Tidal resolution is the same 16 bit, 44,1 Khz. I’m waiting for the next software update.